Techno sub bass on elektron a4, anyone?

need help to make hard techno sub bass

Main tip:
Use the highpass or peak filter of filter 2 with high resonance and boost the frequency you are looking for.
Adjust keytracking of filter 2 to 32, so the boosted frequencies will follow the keys you play.


you can get really nice sub bass from deconstructing your kicks and tuning - detuning for that rumble techno sound.

Can we hear what a hard techno subbass is ? I mean frequency wise i see where it sits but regarding tone, movement and processing an exemple would help

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There is things to consider regarding sub-bass, you need extra amplification or you must lowered the other trk… for a real low to be heard and feel you must add some movement (it can be pitch, level, vibrato, timbre…) and as @Unifono said using second filter for eq purpose. Generally, the 808 bass trick Works (see on youtube @umonox made tutorial on this one)

The best for subbass at least to me, is to start with a pure sine bass from digital synth or sample from octatrack and add the top layer with the A4 to give it character and then resample.

The more the fundamental of the sub share frequency with the kick the more it is difficult to mix. That’s why people tend to use 909 kick when they need in their track a subbass and when a more mid bass a 808 kick is fine… it’s a bit of a cliché but it explain well at least the relation between kick and bass


Allot of us use the 808 base drum or conga as the sub base sample just carefully balance the decay section of the kick and base line so they gel. It’s really very simple. You can add some distortion or as already mentioned use pitch envelope to make it a bit more wonky it all depends on the track in context.

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