TD-3 vs ABL3 : Sound difference?

Hi internet friends.

I’m using more and more my computer and learn a bit more to make music on ableton live which is really convenient. I started with Elektrons but I’m not a musician and having some helping scales plugins on ableton is helping me a lot.
I’m still very interested in hardware (I’m really in love with all gear) so The pretty recent td-3 from behringer is making me some signals.
I would like to know if it is an important difference of sound between this analog circuit and tb-303 plugins, as abl3 or the roland one ?
I like the rapidity, CC’s, reliability of Abl3 but let’s just talk about the machine sound.
Maybe some of you guys tried different tb versions ?
I didn’t !
What you think about upgrading to a Behringer td-3 ?
Thank you for your words !

Have fun

Do not worry about sound subtleties, work out what format and user experience you prefer.
If you love mouse and graphics with instant save recall - cool! Dont worry, just have a basic midi controller.
Hardware synths I find take more commitment but the jamming experience is more fulfilling, (I currently use no computer).
The thing about TB303 was 90% the UI imho. The TD is quite cheap though so I would consider both and jam with the hardware offline ie on the couch, then record patterns into software. Hope that helps you.


Abl3 is superb and very convenient as it’s in ableton etc

Make perfect loops
Controllable filter / parameter programming
Reproducible results
Good sequencer, built in or host daw.

And the eco system means you can easily process and add fx , dump into a sampler.

You’ll get great results from either ( I have both )
As mentioned there’s a lot to do with how you program slides nd accents and then twiddle the knobs , but with good controller it’s feel quite similar.


One good thing I understood is that patterns are transferable (if I’m not wrong) so this can be useful !
I also read that it is possible to input and record notes in the td-3 sequencer, from an other sequencer or a midi keyboard ?

Thanks :partying_face:

Allright ! Thank you ! I think I will enjoy a Td-3, but so the sound isn’t different ?

If going about between these two, I would say go itb as the 303 does not have much tweaking options. Hardware really benefits from getting the hands on. Not that big if you only have a few knobs to turn imo. To that the abl has some pretty cool features. I especially like the randomize options.

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The TD-3 has randomize too.

true, but I find the ABL3 randomizer more advanced



I like the other secondary knob page on the Abl3 with gate, vcf trim, randomisation, it’s nice.
But with “same settings”, will the td-3 sound better or more deep and analog ? Or is the reproduction really similar ?
I said between the two but I heard about an other rolland plugin which seem to be nice also !

Thanks all guys

Yes true, but you can import ABL3 patterns into the TD-3. I have both best of both worlds.

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I have a TD-3, but I stil prefer my x0xb0x, with that said it’s just preference for me personally. ABL 3 is also really good, but the sounds are not the same when you compare it to the behringer. All though I beg to differ anyone would hear these sublteties.

Only just recently found out you can import .WAV (samples) files in to ABL 3 which actually does a pretty fine job translating the audio sample into the midi, which is then reuses as a sequence… Quite helpfull if you need a quick 303 riff but you already have a melody.

This is really ergonomic !
I love this Abl3 :star_struck:

What about the sound difference between abl3 sound and td-3 ?
(I also really like the xoxbox, I was in love from the first look but it is a bit more expensive rare ^^)

Yeah, it is very.

Well if you pay attention to sound details, and want what the original sounded, go for the TD-3, or x0xb0x, they all do a good job. You cant go wrong, its 150 euro - very cheap imo. And you can resell easily on the 2nd market if you don’t like it.

The difference in sound is noticable, but in different stages, say the ABL cant squelch (resonance) like the TD-3 does. The ABL is offcourse completely digital, so its not really a question, but more a matter of convenience, preference.

A better question would probably be: x0xb0x vs TD-3. Actually the x0xb0x s go dirt cheap if you build them yourself.


Thank you very much !
In fact I’ve already make a decision about td-3 and bought one which should arrive in two days ^^’.
But you know I really appreciate and what you said confort me in my decision. In can try to mod it, I saw some files are shared. Maybe a good mod start point, and 150 euros is reasonable :slight_smile:
About the .wav import I really like this kind of process and creation, experimentation is important. I was thinking to record some bird, I didn’t slept much last nights and birds at 6am where sounding a bit acidic ^^ Tips of the year.
prui pruii prui bassline :partying_face:

Thank you for your impressions and ideas :partying_face:


Can you still buy kits? Or do you mean sourcing everything yourself.

I preordered 2x TD-3 but chose to stay with abl3, any 8 knob midi controller is enough for a hardware-like hands on experience.

I’m not sure, I think you the diy kits and premade x0xb0x are still available. I bought mine pre made, so I’m clueless in that sense about building it. gl though

Nice, that you purchased it, you will have fun with it.

I was mindblown how good the midi transcription in ABL actually is. Like i tend to put a bar from my bassline/melody, and it recreates it quite accurately. Pretty neat feature indeed.

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If you do work ITB, I would definitely go ABL. When I did work partly ITB, I absolutely loved the ABL! Isolated side by side you might get into differences. But in a mix the convenience of the ABL wins hands down. You can automate your presets, you can even automate different instances to have presets, and then automate while playing… I went out of the box, and this is what I miss most.

Do you use the CC on ABL3 a lot ?