TD-3 or TT-bass bot?

I just got refunded £130 for a td3 preorder that didn’t materialise .
I want silver so would have to wait until May maybe.
But a Bass Bot has appeared for a reasonable price at my pawn shop.
The Berhinger GAS has already faded with this new devil fish FB controversy and my refund.
Also the midnight mod for the TT looks ace.
Does anyone know about the Midnight Engineering TT303 mod if it works for mk II or not and what do you guys think TD or TT?

I’d get the Bassbot. The sequencer is amazing!
Haven’t played with one in a while, so probaply don’t remember all tricks…
64 step patterns with randomization and mutation function.
Unroll patterns (turns for example a 3 step pattern into 16 step pattern)
Different modi to enter notes.
You can apply up/down transposition, accent and slide to running patterns by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Patterns can be played with midi notes (unleash Octatrack^^).

You can change gate length and slide time and lotsa other little tricks.


Hey really appreciate the quick reply, thanks.
It seems to make sense.

Do you know anything about the Midnight Engineering availability for mk II TTs?

Dunno…never seen one, though.

Midnight Engineering can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Drop him a message :slight_smile:

The TD-3 has seen some amazing mods so far. Really transforms the sound into awesomness. It’s all in this Gearslutz Thread
…but the sequencer is pretty lame compared to what you can do on a Bass Bot and the Bass Bot doesn’t sound shabby either.


@Schnork Do you think £269 is a good price for the mk2 with bag lid and manual?

I don’t know why I m asking you to do my shopping lol just wondering out loud.
The sound is going to be better, the sequencer too.
Behringer are looking less appealing now,unless peeps are interested in modding.

Well there is the extra 100 quid…

The TD-3 sounds better (after cutoff offset is adjusted) than the TT-303 IMO

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You mean after modding it?
Is that the " rubber " mod?
Is it easy to do?

I think he means the internal trim pot.

Bass Bot v2 also has trim pots for cutoff and resonance (which I believe the mk1 doesn’t have).

A friend of mine increased the resonance with the trim pot on his Bass Bot and he likes the sound much more this way…but sound is such a subjective thing…there are people that prefer other clones, some really like the Bass Bot, dunno…
Apparently you can already greatly improve the sound of the TD-3 by adjusting the cutoff range.

Best would be if you could get your hands on both before buying, but everyone and their grandma seems to be after the TD-3 these days…

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“A friend of mine increased the resonance with the trim pot…”
There is no resonance trimpot. It’s for calibration of the cutoff-bias.

On the v2, you’re sure?


ah ok i thought you meant the v1 . on this there is only cutoff bias.

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@Spheric_El AFAIK the sequencer on the TT is a lot more sophisticated, you can have 4 bar patterns without chaining, you can of course chain as well, it also has a number of pattern mutation tools, like for example you can select a bunch of notes and tell it to make you a pattern, you can keep making variations of accent, slide, transpose etc. It has a ton of stuff and and an excellent manual.

Also it has extended range for env mod and cutoff, and has more bass than a TB-303, I think they incorporated the Robin Whittle diy mods on this page under modifications:

I compared the TTmkII to a stock 303 and a modded one with those mods, and it sounded much closer to the modded one.


Hey thanks a lot friends,Appreciate the input.
I’ve got a bad aftertaste with the Uli and Robin exchange and just so much hysteria for this new machine has given me antiGAS.
(They may of done me a favour by refunding and preorder fail).
Liking the sound of the Bot sequencer, mutator , especially V2.

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What do you guys think on price £269 with manual, bag,lid and box?

I’ve used an original TB303 and I vastly prefer the sound and interface of the Bass Bot mk2. I think you could probably get it a bit cheaper as it’s not that much less than buying them direct from Cyclone.


New here

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Out of stock at that link.

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