TB-03 with Elektron

Best way to sequence this bad boy with elektron gear?

Sequence it with Octatrack would be the best solution I guess ?

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I prefer to sync things together and use its own sequencer , maybe sequence some cc’s on octatrack with different time sig / step count.

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I control it with Octatrack. Usually write my patterns on the TB-03 because I like the randomness of original mode. Have it hooked up to the Midi Thru on Analog Rytm. Pattern Change doesn’t work. Pattern Chaining on the TB-03 is easy and works well though. Having the Octatrack’s LFO affect the different parameters works nicely and keeps it from being stagnant. Tweaking the knobs manually + LFOs can get it quite wild in a good way.

I’m really having trouble fitting the tb-03 into my setup. It doesn’t take pattern change commands. I am not really good at sequencing it externally with OT or MNM. Any ideas for better integration before I offload it? I’d prefer to either master sequencing it from the OT so it sounds just like the internal sequencer or have a good way if changing the patterns on the device. Both seem impossible right now.

I just sync it and change patterns along the way. Or i record the patterns into my pyramid and replay them.

Dataline has a video where he controls it from the OT and there is a paid instructional video on bandcamp where you probably can see how he is doing it.

If you sell it cheap i would love to buy it as i want 2 x tb 03 in my setup :slight_smile:

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In what way is that not working for you? You should be able to sequence notes on the TB-03 fine from the OT using one of its MIDI tracks. Just keep in mind that:

  1. you should set the Note On velocity to a value lower than 100 for an unaccented note and to 100 or higher for an accented note, and that you
  2. need to overlap notes when you want to trigger a slide.

As long as you do that, you should be able to program patterns on your OT that play back exactly as they would when using the internal sequencer on the TB-03.

You can even use CC messages to control the parameters of the TB-03 from your OT which is especially cool combined with its MIDI LFO. See https://static.roland.com/assets/media/pdf/TB-03_MIDI_Imple_e01_W.pdf for the CC numbers.


Yer would love be to see that Dataline vid.

I’ve tried it cant seem to get the slide effect to work at all. TB 03 is very boring playing plain notes.

I no longer have an OT so I can’t test if it supports overlapping notes on MIDI tracks, but I am absolutely sure this is how I create slides when I play patterns from Bitwig into my TB-03.

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I’m getting it working to some extent using the legato, it required parameter locking legato on off per trig. It’s kind of doing what I want, but it’s new to me so still fiddling around.

here is the video

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Yer ive seen the performance, might have to pay for the ‘dataline brain implant chip’ video.

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On the OT, just make sure the note is long enough to fill the gap (for example; with a gap of one step between the two notes, note length of the first note has to be minimum 1/8 note), then lock the arp‘s legato to „on“ for the second note.

Dialing in note pitch and note length + note pitch with legato on takes just one second :slight_smile:


That paid video is great, but just to set your expectations he’s not sequencing the TB with the OT. He’s stepping the TB’s internal sequencer with the TR-09 trigger out. Lots of good tips on re-sampling both Rolands with the OT and whatnot though :+1:


Yes this is exactly what I figured out seems to work but still lots of trial and error to get something sounding right. But it’s progressing so thanks everyone for your advice!

The OT Legato is just note on/off sending, if you want pitch slide (like glide or portamento) it has to be available in the device receiving the notes.

Which you’d think the TB-03 would have? I don’t have one to try.

I’d just try sequence overlapping notes on the OT by using long note lens

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