Talk me out of an octatrack mk2


Don’t have AA meetings at the pub, know what I mean?

Hahahaha thats the funniest thing i have read this week.




I’ve really been enjoying the videos by max marco (Defenestration on here I think). I’ll be honest, it took me a while to get into his presentation style, but he really knows his stuff and they are very inspiring. If you need videos that show how the octatrack can be used to make essentially full tracks/performances, this youtube channel is it. How have I not ordered an octatrack yet??


More importantly – how has the Octatrack not ordered you yet?? Think about it…

(please pardon my humor, just going for a bad joke in the middle of a busy day at work)




How did you get in there? Don’t worry son, I’ll get you out of there. Just gently push up at the top lid and you should be able to crawl out nice and easy.


I buckled. Octatrack mk2 incoming.


Don’t worry, man. You’re good.

I was on the MKI for quite awhile. Loved it. Switched to the MKII.

At first thinking, these changes aren’t all that much. Better, sure, but no real difference.

But now that I’ve used it for awhile, I’d say the MKII differences make an impact. It’s so much easier to go for slicing, recording and shifting parts around, the stuff that was a bit of a hassle before and then I tended to avoid from time to time, just because. Not so anymore.


Yeah I’m excited. I’ve also got a digitone (though I’m looking to move that on) and recently got a virus TI. Should be a fun setup though I plan on using only the OT for a while.


Btw: there is a new video from @cuckoomusic which shows why the OT is named performance sampler. It looks he had quite some fun … (me, too, while watching):


u should get an otmk2.


You don’t need 2 Octatrack MKII’s
…or do you?


Yeah, this was a fun video – I actually made it to the end. Very cool to see how he works the Octatrack.


I’d prefer 2 MKIs…:wink:


so do I. I‘m thinking about it actually. 16 tracks. what a freedom


OP has been swayed to the dark side. If you do not hear from him for 3 mos, you know the reason why. I bought a DT and then bought an OT mk1. I’ve been spinning down the rabbit hole for weeks. I may need an intervention. All the things in my life that had meaning no longer matter. I lost many friends, family, dog ran away hungry (but happy?), old truck finally died, no longer shave, don’t recognize myself in mirror, the ush. I just sampled your newest track just so I could mangle it into oblivion. Need I say more. The struggle is real. (Except the stuff I listed). One love :point_up:


You still like the MKI better? I’ve been thinking the lights could be nice on the buttons in the dark. Now that I think of it I sort of have muscle memory of button combos and locations. Still I think the better visibility and less blinding display could be beneficial.


Same story here actually, for the extra £200 or so used I think the new UI is worth it. 3 years of MK1 muscle memory really didn’t take long to override - in fact, it’s pretty nice to let go of some of the more obscure combos.

The improved knob acceleration is nice as well, though it’s a shame the feeling of clicking them is worse. That and the dim page location LED are my only two gripes.


Yer but she ain’t black :new_moon_with_face:


Not with that attitude! Actually the MK2 is probably a good candidate for a respray as most of the info is on the buttons themselves…