Talk me out of an octatrack mk2


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.Yes sure the different access to fire play polyrhythmic is really attractive.
Do you have an opinion and a simplified explanation on the CREATE LINEAR LOCKS tab with the Flex or static machine please



The Digitakt won’t be a brain in any setup aiming for something more elaborate. In the end, its limitations will hit you where it hurts. Not cause the DT isn’t great - it’s awesome - but it’s a mono sampler with 64MB Ram. Not much of a brain there, in the long run.

The Octatrack is a great brain, but it didn’t get significantly smarter with the MKII. Get a used MKI, tell yourself to put in the time, and go for it. It’ll be worth it, for sure.


I wouldn’t be able to talk you out of an OT2 because I was extremely close to getting one recently. I was in a similar situation though, and found the two pairs of stereo inputs to be one of the most appealing aspects about the OT.

Ultimately, I decided to go with the RYTM MKII instead though. I plan on using the Ext Ins and Audio Ins simultaneously to give me two pairs of stereo inputs to mix synths with as well. I also have a Digitone, so I don’t have to worry about having a midi sequencer. Unfortunately, the Audio Ins aren’t affected by the master compressor though.


I had a OTmkI for a couple years, sold it then later bought a Digitakt upon release. The digitakt is a great sampler/drum machine and I appreciate its immediacy, but I really missed being able to capture loops and being able to manually record snippets of audio without the whole naming and assigning song and dance required on the DT.

So I ponied up and got the OTmkII and haven’t looked back, having 2 FX per track (even if they’re not quite as hi quality) and being able to seamlessly capture loops, etc plus recording with a footswitch, the list goes on. For me the OTmkII button upgrades made it so I barely had to reread the manual, so I’m glad I went the mkII route, personally, over a used mkI, though there are great deals to be had on a mkI if you like the interface.

Sorry, not talking you out of it :sunglasses:


New year and octatrack GAS has returned…

This doesn’t help:


GAS is back


hopefully this can help nudge you off the fence:


The OT is amazing. I imagine most people who dislike it end up miserable because they expected an instant gratification machine, or something that would be “one” with their daw.
It’s not either of those, at least not until you learn it. And, it’s very easy to incorporate into your daw, if you’re willing to adapt your workflow to it and learn how to use it. I’m still learning it but can’t go on without it.


Someone should rename this thread to “talk me in to an octatrack mk2” :yum:


They suck dont get one. spend the money on fishing instead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One with their daw…:sweat_smile:

Had a Reason Lite license. Decided to upgrade to the full version when I made a restart with my music. I have had a lot of gear in the past and never had I encountered real problems with it.
And now I remember why I never got on with A daw 15 years ago. A thousand modules and / or options, fiddling with a mouse, etc. Makes it all too complicated for me. Also, I try to stay away from my computer after work.
I’m considering to try out an Octatrack to see if I can use it as a mixer and mangler for samples. Should be a nice partner for my Digitakt (which I love) adding a few extra features and tracks.


OT is the best for that! (If 2 stereo inputs suffice).


100% Perfect if it had 1 stereo and 2 mono inputs, but I’ve read somewhere there is a workaround for that.


Input routing is fully flexible, you can use it as 4x mono if you want, each on its own thru track with its own FX blocks


Erm. It is perfect then. You can set it up to be 1 stereo and 2 mono if you want. Easy.


Well then, not sure if I should thank “Greatexpectations” for starting this thread or erm… :joy:


Don’t have AA meetings at the pub, know what I mean?


If anything, this thread managed to fuel the “double OT” fire burning inside me. Luckily I’m out of desk space :+1:


I should have waited and get the DT instead of OT1…


If financially possible I’d suggest you get a Digitakt and see if you think it’s the better machine for you.