Tales of Upgrades & Gear Lust

I wasn’t meaning to proclaim that the OP-1 is universally a toy. I just meant from my position. I’ve had an OP-1 before, I’m aware of its power- and I have a decent desire to reacquire one.

I’m just saying, in order to keep the excitement based in the music and not in the gear- set up a framework where you determine that the gear you want is either a tool or a toy.

Of course, that might be the same as saying everything in the universe is either a potato or not a potato :smiley:

And we were talking about downgrading a bit, sorry :imp:

Now I do believe OP-1 is NOT a potato. I think.


He did a good podcast with Very Bad Wizards too, recently

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Nice way of putting it. I’m still amazed by the OP-1 from when I still had one. It’s beautiful, it’s clever, I had so much fun with polyphonic sample playback alone. I’m really glad I got to play it for a while. And yet my creative output from using it just didn’t justify keeping it and I don’t think I’ll ever get one again.


They certainly designed it to be as useful as possible for what it is- but there’s just something about it that makes it tricky to deal with- I’d like to toy around with it and see if it could be a decent replacement for the iPad as an “on the go” sorta thing(I abhor working with touch screens).

It’s hard to justify it, though

Not trying to argue on this toy/tool binary viewpoint. If it’s useful for people to make decisions, by all means. I love my OP1 and would never get rid of it even though there are stretches I don’t use it. I think what makes it difficult is when you try to integrate it into a larger workflow with other hardware.

Standalone though, it is second to none in flexibility. Since I’ve moved away from my ‘pop’ direction (where I’d use it as a keyboard lead more than anything) to accompany singing and modular synth textures I have mostly used it in a group format. When my modular is tied up with a direction I’m exploring and we have a group performance, it’s great to just toss in a bag and take with me to practice and perform. Plus, it’s a great contrast to some of my other friends who are performing in the group with giant modular cases and I show up with this little understated box :slight_smile:

To Ryan’s point, it can be useful to come up with certain rules that help combat endless consumption of gear.


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I think you’ve summed up where I’m at. I’ve shifted the bulk of my hardware leaving me with push2, Maschine (Mk1 & Jam), MPC Live and a CME Xkey 37. I think I can whittle that down further in time but I don’t feel “The Guilt” right now so what’s the rush!

Anyway, not wanting to open up the ITB/OTB argument but I am much clearer and mentally far less cluttered when it comes to music. My output is still dog shit (coincidentally due to a puppy and it’s dog shit…) but I sort of feel like how I did 5 or 6 years ago - which is a good thing! Strangely, despite the masses of options ITB Im just more focussed when I sit down now.

My Live is my “toy” for now. All I do is muck about on it but I’m smiling so who cares.


In regards to gas, it was quite an eye opener for me to realize, that I never (as in never ever) feel gas, while I’m actually using my gear.


In the month since this post began, my latest gear wanted focus is on the Roland System 8 (ease of use=FUN & inspiration, expandable, tactile, sound variety (I have a MoX6 which is amazing for Piano, strings…). Cons are only 8 polyphony.

And The Pearl Mimic Drum Module and ATV ad5 drum module. The drum module would eliminate my AR. I’m in no hurry, and I am nowhere near convinced that the Pearl or ATV would serve me better than my AR.

Did a simple financial forcast for the next 2 years. Seeing what my savings could look like if I actually stick to my budget and don’t blow my savings is pretty good motivation to stay away from the gear merry-go-round.

With that being said, over the past month I’ve battled GAS for: another OP1, the TB03 (and other clones), an MS20, and another Karp. Over the past few days I’ve been contemplating revisiting ambient field recording since my last rig sounded fantastic but was too unwieldy.

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Just sold my modular! It feels very good! Outboard will be next!

Me too! Also the MKIIs broke me out of the ‘upgrade cycle’. Basically just enjoying what I have and nurturing other interests. :content:


That’s exactly what I do - a world beyond Elektron & Co😁

Careful now, you might suddenly find yourself being chased by MrDataline (aka Agent Cenk)

Inquisitor Cenk :evil:

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So I just took the plunge and got a Korg KingKorg synth. I was trying to decide between a Roland Syetm 8, Deep Mind 12 and others. Pretty tough decision, but i feel the KK is the easiest to use, more polyphony than the S8. The DM12 looked interesting but ease of use was huge and I think I’d spend too much time menu diving. And I got it for $764.

You tell me that you have a GAS support group in town?

I know this is a really old post & I haven’t read this entire thread, but I never miss a chance to recommend this book - The Power of Now (by Eckhart Tolle)

The book completely changed my life. Basically teaches you how to stay in the now, control emotions, understand others, meditation. I read it so many times I have a lot of it memorized. My brother was going thru a hard time, he was lost (going thru opiate withdrawal, which can really mess with the mind) & we would talk for hours, basically me reciting the book & him asking questions…it changed his life too. In an extreme way. He used to be extremely irritable, extreme anger issues, short temper, just bad. He is a COMPLETELY different person now. They call him preacher at work (it changed his life so much & brought him so much peace & happiness he wants to spread it everywhere he goes now).

It’s an amazing book & I think there is a free pdf version online. If you are not religious do not get scared off by the god talk. He discusses god in a different way & no matter what your beliefs are, there’s just so much good stuff in this book.