Sysex send and saving sounds

So I have read a few threads, and been over the manual many times.
The A4 is my newest Elektron box.
First thing I did was restore it to the factory defaults.
After browsing through sounds and doing some experimentation, I would like to save the factory sounds and then clear the slate and make my own structure for sound banks.

When I go to the sysex send menu, and choose sounds, all, it only sends 128 sounds to C6.
I am assuming that is everything in the sound pool, not everything in the +drive.

Basically I want to know the easiest way to save all the default sounds to C6, in a coherent way and load them into banks on the +Drive, at much lower letters.
This way I can start loading and saving sounds to the upper level banks in a way that I can remember.
For example.
Bank A, atmosphere
Bank B, Bass
Bank C, Leads
and so on.

Any tips on how to accomplish this?

Hey bro, I’m new to the machine as well. I can’t seem to send anything to the A4 from the C6. I am trying to send the elektron sound packs from my mac via usb using the c6 but the a4 just reads “waiting data”.

The C6 shows it as sending but the A4 just says “waiting on data” and doesn’t seem to receive the sounds. Didn’t seem to have this problem with the RYTM. Do I have to create some type of folder like the RYTM? What to do? thanks, i’m still learning.

quick info: C6 is a piece of shit in my not so humble opinion … just recently moved to MidiOx, bit better, still not perfect …

the A4 has some erase functions after booting up, and also you can initiate different projects …

if you like to move the sound banks, you can do that internally in the A4 by copying the sounds to the pool and from the pool into a different location back into the +drive IIRC

if the above mentioned method does not apply to you, I would rather download the sound banks again, and send them to the a4 than moving them from the A4 to pc and back to the A4 … just my 2ct …

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This got me too, one of the other guys on the forum was kind enough to figure it out.
The A4 default for MIDI input is MIDI only. Go to your MIDI settings and change it to MIDI + USB and you should be good :wink:

There is a post somewhere on this forum that describes how to dump the +drive to your computer, i can’t find it now but it is there somewhere.
Probably doesnt help much but its a start :wink:

Here it is:

Obviously this is meant for backing up purposes but it gives a good example of working with the +drive and a computer.