Sysex Hacking

The other day I went to load a backed up sysex file into my MD. For some reason it was saved as a note file and I had to add the .sys extension. It got me thinking though, has anyone ever tampered with the code inside the sysex file to get weird results? Anyone nerdier than me know if anything would even be possible? I’m going to give it a whirl tonight after work. Wish me luck.

I built a MachineDrum editor (MD Edit) which includes randomisation of anything/everything, does that count?

Yes, in that you are just changing data, so essentially would be setting (or randomising) values; with a few caveats of course.

What are you hoping to achieve? Because you would be have better served by a random generator or just aimlessly (or not) just twisting knobs.

How does one acquire this Machinedrum Editor you speak of?

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you’d need more than luck - the data isn’t plain readable, it’s packaged in a way that makes some values incorrect (bits dropped) - then if you varied a parameter or two you’d still need to be able to compute the checksum

imho sysex hacking is only useful if you are making an editor or if you expose values/settings that are not visible/reachable otherwise

having said that - i had access to one of @void’s unreleased apps (for AR) and it was nothing short of astonishing, the idea alone was something else - it relied on sysex

Wait until I release it? If I release it. Waiting till OctaEdit v2, uni, medical, feasibility etc.

Agreed. As above, what are you hoping to achieve @RiDylan? Much better / easier things to do.


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It’s an attractive idea, though I’m afraid sysex is way more complicated to repack than a jpeg that you converted to text and wrote “fuck” into.

I wonder what artifacts would be produced if you converted a hacked wav file into sysex for use in the MD.

:point_up:this … and there’s also an unofficial MD firmware, in case you might want to have a look

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Cool. Rusty I already have your MachineDrum editor. Great work! I’m interested in this new firmware though, never heard of it!

I guess what i’m trying achieve is to make the machine drum do something I couldn’t do without tampering with the sysex.

Where did you get it from? It’s not been released yet…

Always possible, but lets go with “no”. You’d essentially just be randomising values of settings / parameters etc.

If there was hidden settings you could find / ways to make it do something new , e.g. TR-S2 there are more logical ways to achieve that by batch processing.


Oh well, I know about it and am pumped on it. Have your octa edit and have a vague memory of seeing your MDeditor logo. lied about it being great work because obviously I never actually used it. but I thought I had downloaded it and was being friendly.

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