Sysex Back Up 101

Hi there,

i just got a Analog Four MK2, and I am trying to back up all data before starting to work. I like to sort out the workflow before everything.

As with Octatrack the back up is simply via the usb connection and a file explorer on the PC, I am new to the sysex world. After browsing the forum I couldn’t manage by myself and I wonder if it is really that complicated.

  1. If I send sysex data from the sound manageer, I always receive a filelist.c6 file with 16 byte [sic!], nevermind if it is just one sound or 2830 selected sounds. What size of a data package should I suspect to receive?

  2. If I send the “whole project” through the global sysex menu, it takes ages and and when saving, the same 16 byte filelist.c6 is saved.

I truely believe it is not working, but can’t figure out why.

The update of the OS worked fine on first try. But the PC does not receive any data.
In the C6 config, the A4 is selected for sending and receiving.

Any help? Thank you very much!

I wonder why this aspect of the machine is so weak compared to the rest of features of elektron gear. In my point of view back upping of a digital piece of equipment has to be the most basic activity.

My set up: OS 1.35B, C6 1.51, MAC 10.12.6

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