Syntorial... did you do all 33 lessons?

This application has been discussed already, I think it is really nice. Since I use it, I understand much more about synthesis.

Soon there will be an ipad version, I think there will be a beta in May.

But… anyone finished it?
Right now I am busy with lesson 15, about reverb.
The group challenges start to be very difficult and time consuming.
I find myself having study avoiding behaviour like cleaning my house, watching stupid television, etc… not to finish the difficult group challenges.

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no one?

Excellent tutorial! Thx man :smiley:

You are welcome

I’m waiting for the ipad version after I did the trail. I was afraid already that it could become very hard… Good to be able to sit comfortable in the couch then :slight_smile:

i stopped after like 5 lessons… i neither have perfect pitch, nor am i able to follow dependency of more than 4 varaiable parameters…

just became trial and error

maybe I will start again…

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i start to accept that the further I am in this lessons, the longer it will take.
so I make music for an hour, I do one or 2 challenges, then I make music again…
This way I can do one lesson in one day…

slowly I dig through the course… and slowly it is less Trial and Error.

I got half-way through it and got it about a year or so ago. It’s really good, except when you did the quizzes. It doesn’t save, so you’d have to do the quizzes over again. So I haven’t really used it in a while. I do hope to finish it because the information is really insightful.

The iPad version is to be priced the same as the desktop version.

But if you get the desktop version, you get the ipad version with it for free. Go figure.

I’ll probably get both versions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

just installed the ipad version, really nice!

I am about a quarter way through. Waiting for the ipad version. I guess im in the second wave. Do you like it better than the computer? i imagine its a more fluid interface?

it is the same as on the computer, but it is easier to hang around somewhere with my ipad than with my laptop.

so yesterday I took the train, today I was hanging around on my couch. I prefer not to use my laptop

De wouzer, where did you find the ipad version? Can’t find it in the Dutch app store…

De wouzer, where did you find the ipad version? Can’t find it in the Dutch app store…[/quote]
Or the UK App Store…
I would probably buy the desktop version to get the iPad. Version if it was available…

I have the desktop version…
Joe sent me (and i think Everyone who bought syntorial) an email about betatesting the iPad app. I downloaded it and did not find any bug. It works perfectly

I hate Syntorial (it’s amazing). It’s killing me. I am finding the group challenges extremely difficult. I am currently on Group 13 and it’s making me pull my hair out. I get blue in the face figuring out the type of wave used. Is it this hard just for me? How are you guys finding it? Am I hopeless or am I missing something?

same here
after a while I got stuck in group challenges

Hmm never heard of this, downloading now!

New Lessons for SERUM (XFer) Added to the VST lessons :wink:
Cool, isn’t it ?

Group lessons, with time, take too much time, which I don’t have :frowning: So in the setting I added Try again button and that solves Group lessons “problem”. Of course for someone who wants to be perfect in sound design that’s no go, but its good enough for me, to not spend hours on each Group exercise.

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