Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox

Wow thanks for this in depth review. Having owned both before, I can’t really say which one I prefer.
What I feel, is that with live looping update, we are getting close to the tape workflow (without the tape tricks), but with more flexibility regarding file management and features compared to the OP1.
For the moment I am thinking of selling the Op1 (return period has ended) in favor of the deluge…

I have both Op-1 and Deluge and would choose Deluge from those in a heartbeat. Op-1 is inspirational, but I simply don’t like “playing stuff to tape live” approach. I quess I’m more of a “play something in and tweak later” sort of guy and Deluge is exeptional in that as you can really easily change sequenced midi notes at any time. And with a forthcoming looper feature, playing in pure audio is easier as well if that’s your thing.

Îm sold ! Is midi sequencing + audio recording with the looper is possible with the future update ?

I’d be hard pressed to choose one over the other, I guess the OP-1 is more limited in many ways especially sequencing but having said that the tape workflow is really nice and can allow for lots of creative uses, it is a very slick yet simplistic and elegant workflow, off the top of my head things that I love about the OP-1 are:

Being able to seamlessly drop audio
Using old school tape tricks like doubling, flanging, echo
Unlimited overdubs without loss in quality, although a mindful approach is required
Changing tape speed and pause and reverse recording
Recording anywhere from a fraction of a second to upto 6 minutes
Super easy markers and looping

The Deluge sequencing is obviously more comprehensive, and the forthcoming feature of being able to record directly into the arranger for a specified length is pretty cool, the handling can feel at times for me a bit “hands off” but by no means in all areas, some things are superbly simple and intuitive.

The OP-Z is also really nice, it’s main areas of weakness are the small size and button layout, a bit of limiting in synthesis, sometimes fiddly operation, and not much sample memory, it’s sequencing is pretty great though and as a portable sketchpad currently IMHO can’t be beat.

All brilliant portable sketchpads with adequate to great battery life.
All capable of full release ready productions without other gear in varying degrees.
All have limitations just like any other gear does.

There is a fair bit of overlap between them though, but each has unique features.

I have all 3 and the Octatrack, for me these are amongst the best and most rewarding instruments I have ever used in 30 odd years.



Looks very much to be yes.

Great ! Looking forward to this.
I hope they will be able to implement somme recorder trigs as on the octatrack, that would be ace.

It’s worth noting that audio recording into the Deluge has been possible for some time, though not as refined as this.

For awhile, I had it hooked up to a Prophet 6. Played the Prophet 6 live into the Deluge’s midi sequencer. Tweaked the sequence, including automation stuff, until it felt right. Then, recorded the whole thing directly into the Deluge, perfectly timed with the Deluge’s Start and End points for sampling and multi-tracked it like so.

The Looper feature seems to be a much more elaborate and automated way of doing this, the looping itself not withstanding, but for those who aren’t aware, the Deluge is very capable as an audio recorder already now.

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It would be great if you could easily ”freeze” tracks by rendering midi track to audio. A bit of the same you have done recording in tempo but somehow just with a few button presses.

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Yes, simple operational enhancements such as this are what I hope to see in future updates, as you say it can be done by manual intervention, but a nice hold a track(s) button then another button to capture the track(s) would be great.

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Little IDM track made with the Deluge using custom sounds/samples.

These and other sounds (81 patches in total) come included with my ‘Rust’ EP for the ones interested in some custom lofi/idm sounds for their Deluge.



Really nice chilled track, vibe reminiscent of early Apollo Records

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Hey Deluge users, is it worth considering the deluge for its sequencer ?
I’m looking for some function I can’t find in my pyramid or that are implemented in a way that does not suits me ( hence why I’m selling it ).

I would be interesting in :

  • Simultaneous editing of multiple tracks starts and end points.
  • Simultaneous multi tracks trig eidting. ( For instance I have 4 lines, each is a different track and I can lay notes/trigs on any whenever I want )
  • Be able to add modulation or at least have cc assignment of to a track start/end point .
  • Polyrythmic and polymetric sequencing.
    • Euclidean sequencer is a plus.
    • Random,pendulum, track direction.
  • Per step subdivision,skip etc…

Can the Deluge be this one sequencer aka numerology in hardware ?
The deluge will go along Peak, OTmk2,AK,G2,Zoia,ND2.

thx a lot.

See answers in bold.


Thanks for the reply !

So no view with one track per line and notes laid on the pads ? Bummer !

Disappointment… :slight_smile:

No, but song mode gives an indication of events in tracks (depending on zoom level) and it is quick and easy to jump right to the track of interest. However personally I don’t think that Deluge would be comparable to something like numerology.

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Hi guys!
Is there something Deluge can’t do easily or not at all compared to Ableton piano roll?
Thanks a lot!

Ive had my deluge for 2 months of intense learning. My immediate thoughts…

A. Its badass for getting ideas down quickly.
B. The shortcuts have cut out hours of finding settings in a DAW which = more creative time.
C. The synth engine is capable but not immediate at all. (Adventure kids wave files sound great)
D. Delay and reverb could use an update
E. An eq greater than 2 bands would help with mixdown tremendously otherwise tracks for commercial release must be mastered in a DAW.

All hardware has shortcomings, but I am in love with it and my rate of production has increased dramatically. I like it so much I am debating buying a second for live shows

Edit: i produce dance music if that info helps


I had been holding out hope that some of functionality of MLRv from the monome ecosystem would find its way to the deluge. Sadly it hasn’t.

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I ordered a Deluge today to companion my Octatrack, I think/hope it will be a nice combo. Ian from Synthstrom already replied that my Deluge will be shipped tomorrow, very good service.

I am very interested in creating some ambient music, I think this combo will be suited for this kind of music?
Or will the Deluge itself will be enough for that? (I also own a iPad)