Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox




So a couple days ago the Deluge got a massive firmware 2.1 update (in open Beta). Too many things to mention but the highlights are below.

  1. Automatic Pitch Detection- Any samples that you load into a track are automatically transposed to the correct pitch that you play on the pads. I.e pressing C3 Pad will give you that sample at C3 etc… So I can choose any tonal sample and automatically remain in the song key, and if I want I can transpose the sample to the original pitch quite easily.

  2. Multisampling- Numerous options. I can import a folder of multi samples of say a Rhodes and the Deluge will play the samples at the right pitch on the keyboard/pads.

Loading a folder of samples as a kit.

Loading a folder of different samples over the scale of notes. I.e sample 1 is pitched at C3 and sample 2 is pitched as D3 etc etc

  1. Record to arranger. Similar to Ableton in that you can live jam, launching and switch your track/patterns and this is all recorded in the linear Arranger Mode. You can then edit the linear recording after the fact etc. It’s such a quick workflow.

  2. New Waveform view

  3. Improved sample pitch adjustments and sample rate conversions. This improvement is immediately noticeable when pitch shifting. You can even choose to use the older bit crush style sample conversion or the new recipe :joy:

I’m very impressed by how comprehensive this update is, and how it’s actually implemented in the workflow.

I had initially (a year ago) considered selling the Deluge but I kept it due to the ongoing support from the developers and their openness to communicating and implementing ideas. Now, there is no way I would sell it. It’s awesome!