Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox


To those of you who’ve been using the Deluge, I wanted to ask for your experiences in connecting it to the Elektron world.
What place does the Deluge have in your music creation process?

How did you set the machines up:

  • Who sends the master clock?
  • Do you use the Deluge to sequence Elektron gear - or the other way round?
  • in general, what were the shortcomings when connecting the Deluge with Elektron devices?

Thanks for all input!


Deluge is master, because it’s more masterful :stuck_out_tongue:
I send tempo/ transport to my OT and A4, but I use their own sequencers.
The Deluge arranger sends song position pointers that correspond perfectly with OT’s arranger.
I haven’t really bumped into any shortcomings myself as of yet.


Awesome, thanks!


I have my machinedrum as master clock, and sequence it internally. This way drums are tight and i don´t waste any midi channels. It sends clock to my Rytm, same there. Third in the chain comes the deluge and only then it sequences the synths after it.

This was the only way for me if i wanted to get a really tight beat without bringing in external gear. Now everything is rock solid and i can also take advantage of all the p-locks and stuff. Works great for me.

Since the Rytm also have it´s weird midi setup it pays to just send it clock, otherwise it would chew up 12 channels…


Nowhere near actually, i just got a Digitone and it´s truly masterful at FM. Deluge is great for basic / entry-level sounds but Digitone really opens up FM.


Please can anybody compare Deluge and DT.
Thank you)


Just in case you haven’t seen this, here’s a bit of external opinion:


Thank you. Reading now


Some questions:

  1. Is there a PC editor for allocating sample kits?

  2. How would you work with the Deluge if your approach was melodic-samples-based only, and your focus = live performances?

  3. I read somewhere that stem export might be happening in a future update. What are your predictions about the details?

  4. What is something you wish you had known earlier in the learning process?

  5. Ifnyou had two units for live performances - how would you use them?


1.-There are a few user editors for some utilities. I think one is for sample kits, but I dont use it. The next OS 2.1 is bringing automatic loading of multisamples and kits, making this task very powerful and easy to do.
2.-For melodic samples I would use synth tracks. You could use a midi keyboard if you want, to play the melodies.
3.-This will be a very powerful feature. I think it will be soon done. They promised to do it, and I am very confident they will deliver.
4.-There are a few details that need to be improved. More delay parameters, count-in recording, sample start/end modulation, modulation of more sound parameters,…
5.-I dont know.


Thanks so much!


Does having an external MIDI clock affect the ‘tightness’ of the sequencing on the MD?


Yes, you can do it but unless you use something like a sync solution by innerclock, expert sleepers and similar that creates clock by audio, you better let the MD be the master clock. I find it unproblematic, this way i also let it clock my Rytm and i wont loose any midi channels at all. Also, i can use the p-locks, swing and all goodies that are it´s strengths.
I don´t use a daw at all, if i would i would probably have to find a solution like above.


I don’t use a DAW apart from for recording, I do have a Deluge and have been using it to sequence other synths. From a clock perspective though why can you not use P-Locks, swing etc. if you just use the Deluge to be the master clock? Wont that only essentially set the temp of the track, but not affect the track information itself, e.g. triggers, p-locks, swing etc?


Yeah i guess so, i think i meant that when using the internal sequencer and not as a module i can use p-locks n sh*t. Of course, if it takes clock i can use everything but i loose the timing. But you are correct, i just wrote without thinking about it too much.


I currently have one of these sitting in my flat, but can’t open it until my birthday on Monday as my partner contributed a bit towards it! Curses.


Had this thought the other day: with two Deluges you could prepare it so that each unit holds like 8 drum tracks and 8 sample/synth loops per pattern. Then you could make seamless transitions when performing live without even needing additional hardware.

Is there a convenient way to “clone” a unit including >all< settings?
That would save me a lot of time.


I believe you can just copy the Sd card contents


So I finally got to have a go on this yesterday. It’s absolutely bloody amazing. I prepared by watching as many videos and tutorials as I could, so was finding my way around the machine pretty easily. The workflow is so, so nice, and the sound right out of the box is lovely. I haven’t even loaded any of my own samples yet, I’ve been playing around with what’s on the supplied SD card.

I can see my productivity leaping into overdrive with this, even though it’s massive fun just noodling around.