Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox


You´d better ask them instead of us, usually they run a batch every third month or so i think - but that depends on the number of pre-orders possibly?

From their website:

“You can still place an order to guarantee one from the next batch. We currently cannot offer a firm date on delivery, though we expect this to be within a few months’ time (from July 9th, 2018).”

You can always subscribe to their mailing list and so get notified when new units arrive, or you can pre-order to make sure you get yours as soon as possible. I would do that i i were you! And also maybe on a regular basis throw them a mail and ask about next batch - but not too often, you don´t want to annoy these hard-working gentlemen!
From my experience they are good at communicating with customers, especially would-be, they won´t forget you.

A guess would be next batch coming in 1½ months maybe? I don´t have anything to base that guess on though.


Thinking about a Deluge, can anyone speak to the sound quality? I’ve heard some good stuff and not so good stuff. Synth engines, Fx, how do they hold up to Elektron? Want a Digitone becuase it sounds gorgeous, but the Deluge can do everything, is portable etc.


IMO the synth section is just ok, not bad at all just a bit simple at present, 2 LFOs and 2 envelopes, and a few other mod sources like random, velocity, note etc. But the sampler sounds very nice, clear and present with quite good headroom, the filters IMO are ok but not up to Octatrack standards.

All in all it is a very nice machine though, its more than the sum of its individual parts and very flexible.


I dont have the Deluge (yet) but i dont think the synth engines are too simple. 2 LFOS and 2 Env is not bad compared to other synths combined with single cycle waveforms. Its hard to find a good demo online though. Im curious about the Deluge filters but imo the Octa filter is nothing special imo though it do the job.

Im thinking about replacing my Octatrack with the Deluge.
I hate the Octatrack FX and i could use something more user friendly for sample playback and sequencer since im not using the Octatrack advanced features.

I would not be surprise if they implement multisample in a future Deluge OS update.
Anyway they are not available right now but im very very tempted to trade my Octa for one.


If you don’t like the OT fx then you almost certainly won’t like the Deluge fx because they do not even get a lot of the basic parameters, for example no feedback control on delay, no input filters on delay or reverb, no negative feedback on mod fx, etc. Also the Deluge fx don’t really sound very good, they are useable though, but very basic and some bizarre omissions like only 4/4 even number synced delay times, eg 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 no triplets etc.

You can already kind of use multi sampling with Deluge by way of kits and a batch utility someone on the forum created, I have not used it personally but it appears to work fine, you can only have 2 samples per key so it isn’t exactly the same as you’d get on a dedicated multi sampler but for most cases will be fine.

Also the sampler on Deluge is polyphonic so that is nice, the sound quality is great (44.1khz/24bit) and as it can play long samples easily, so working with stems is very painless.
Be aware though that sample start and end can not be p-locked or modulated in any way (as of OS 2.02) it could be due to the fact that samples stream from card or maybe they will find a way to implement it in the future? I guess there are work arounds like saving a bunch of samples with different start/end points and assigning them into a kit or using slice, but it isn’t quite as immediate.


Sample start/end will be able to edit with the 2.1 update, aka “waveform view”. :grinning:


Sample start/end edition (without sample visualization) is already posible!. What is not available is the modulation of this parameters


I’m really trying to like it, but somehow I keep going back to the MPC Live.
I love the honesty and directness of the developers, meeting one of them in a pub in London to talk about the Deluge was great, but I still haven’t managed to finish a track with it, there’s always something else getting in the way.

Said that, I also admit that it’s most likely a user-thing, the Deluge has a super fast workflow, sampling and resampling is really fast once you wrap your head around it and the time-stretch can be super nice or super destructive.

I really don’t understand why i struggle so much to click with it, because the more I type, the better the Deluge seems…


Both correct!


I can relate to this, for me just concentrating on the Deluge using it alone seems to help me click with it better, muscle memory and discovering workarounds have helped.


Multi sampling is coming!


It’s getting to the point where I can’t afford NOT to get a Deluge. It astounding how much and how frequently they expand the capabilities of this machine


I was wondering if the samples blended over a certain range or if it’s purely sample 1 - range 32 to 40 , sample. 2 - range 41 to 50 etc. ( it looks like simple start and end) which is fine.

And maybe a way to instantly put 1 sound on one key , like a drum machine type thing. Import all folder contents onto keys starting at X , no repitching …

But they’re doing good work by the looks of it .i think they benefit from the ‘this is amount of processor available , what you do with it is your business’. Approach. As long as timing / interface is snappy I’d forgive a few notes dropping out as it’s a decision I would’ve made …

A bit like mono machine , it’s got limits , I can configure it how I like within those limits.


This was recorded to the Deluge’s SD card directly, and lightly mastered with Logic 9 afterwards


Right to the point! I love it!


Thanks!. I also made a more “artistic” film version:


I dig its vibes.
when the string comes in reminds me of one of my favourite Jarre tunes, which is an absolute banger. Its not the same by any stretch but gives me similar feels.


Wow! Thanks. Maybe the polyphony of the choir, with several voices…


Can anyone comment on how the FM synth compares to the DN? Have a DN and love it so not looking to see what’s better just how they match up sound wise.


The Deluge has a 2 operator FM synth. I doubt it hasn’t any chance of matching the DT capabilities in that depart. I haven’t tried it on mine as yet.