Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox


Is this your second one? I thought you had sold yours after convincing all of us to get one…


Thank you very much! Appreciated


Yep. I had fundamental workflow issues with it. 2.0 came along and fixed it all. Now, we’re best friends.


Not at all. You’re welcome.


Don’t forget learn + turn the Tempo knob to access 128th and 256th notes.


What, you can step sequence down to a 256th?


Yes, secret ninja trick.


Another tip that I posted on the Deluge forum is to use the audition buttons instead of shift to access the shortcuts when editing synth or kit, much quicker :wink:


So here’s a Deluge track I made, making heavy use of the Arranger and the conditionals. This was all composed, structured, mastered and recorded on the Deluge only. No other instruments or tools were used.


Nice track. How long did it take you to make it?

How do you find the new arranger? I love using it, I think it makes composing songs much easier than on other grooveboxes.


Thanks. It took me about a week to come up with all the parts and another week to put it all together.

The Arranger is very powerful but easy to use. It doesn’t really matter what style you’re into, it works for all kinds. Quite brilliant, I’d say.


Holly sh*t !!!

This is stunning ! This machine is getting better and better :slight_smile:


Dude! Nice!

What innovation on the machine- it’s doesnt necessarily make me want it any more, but it inspired SUCH admiration for the guys making it.

Very cool


This was done only with presets from the latest OS (2,02)


I have the Deluge and it is an amazing piece of gear . . . my problem is I have too much other gear that I will gravitate toward since I already know how to use them (or they have a screen so things are a little more intuitive). It can be frustrating to have to look at the manual to remember all the short cuts for doing things. I refuse to sell it though and I need to just focus on it so it becomes more natural. Just something to consider if you’re thinking of getting one.


I agree, I would have ordered it already if not :wink:


i will definitely pay the extra for the shortcut overlay when it comes time for the deluge. I know there will still be much to memorize/learn, but I can’t imagine not having that


The 2.1 update will be very appreciated i think and it will probably convince more than a few hesitant buyers to take the plunge and get one. Many ppl are interested in Deluge´s sampling capability and ask a lot about it, so there´s a lot to improve and using the pads as a display for editing is brilliant actually!
It looks easy enough to work with too so i think it´s going to be a popular update.

Yeah, i too think of getting an overlay when it´s available and probably a new copy of the updated manual aswell, otherwise shipping costs from NZ to Sweden is going to hurt more than i like…

@andreasroman, so you folded and got another deluge - i think i would have done the same thing in your shoes. Welcome back into the family! :wink:


I hope the 2,1 update will concentrate in the sampler features. I think this area can be improved a lot. I am very very happy with my purchase of the Deluge. The developers are really improving this machine with every update. A lot of companies could learn a lot from them.


Any chance of these guys getting some stock in? Getting really hard to sit on this money.