Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox


There is one for sale right now on ebay Kleinanzeigen for 700€ in Berlin, near mint condition.


A great price. Thankfully I don’t speak German or my gas would be through the roof right now


I can offer my translation skills :wink:


Does it say they’d ship to the U.S.?

Honest question

I was able to translate the ‘paypal’ part on my own


I just asked. will respond when he does.

Edit: It’s gone. Did not take 5 minutes online to have ot sold.


Ok, so 2.0 is out now.

I watched Ron’s tutorial on the Arranger mode.

First, I didn’t get it.

Then, I did.

Really curious on the tweaks to the synth engine now.




Wow, had a quick play with new arranger mode, seems great and the old song mode is still available too - I was thinking it was going to be replaced but glad to see both options. Basically the arranger is very DAW like and this seems like the closest thing to Ableton in hardware that I have seen/used, so far it seems to be very well implemented with uneven track lengths supported by way of zooming and so on.

I think if Synthstrom give the sample editing and playback a bit of love and add some of the missing features I outlined earlier this could be one of my favourite hardware units so far (along with, not competing with my Elektrons/Pyramid etc)



I love the love of the Arranger mode.

But let’s hear it on the synth engine now. What’s new there? Does it sound like a Moog now? :slight_smile:


I don’t think I’ll be using the synth engines much myself (although who knows!) as I got it mainly for working with long audio tracks, but I just had a cursory flick through the new presets and honestly they sounded just great, a lot of lush pads in there, nice varied bass selection etc. I did notice a few of the sounds seemed to be out of key but overall I think it sounds perfectly useable.


Still looking for my workflow with longer audio tracks, could you share yours?
What I struggle with is “estimating” how long my track should be to fit the sample, is there a way to fit the track to sample length?


Yeah, I read in the release notes that older sounds might be a bit off due to the new engine, especially if you’ve worked the resonance hard.

I’ve heard just snippets from the 2.0 overdrive and stuff, and I caught myself thinking “This is not the Deluge I used to own”, but then I thought, “Ah, that’s placebo, cause you wanna talk yourself into getting one again, like you used to back in the days when you were an addict.”

Then I go “But I’m not that guy anymore”, as I browse Thomann’s b-stock and check out e-bay, eye twitching and leg shaking.


However, I agree with you, if the Deluge went for sampling all in, focused on just that, it’d be something entirely new. Ironic, that just stripping features might make it more attractive, just cause it’d make even more sense.


thank you for trying!


I’m still figuring it out myself, but I think that I’ll probably sample into the Deluge directly for x amount of bars then when you place a trig it automatically places the correct note length.

It will be interesting to find out how many samples/tracks can be used before it starts going wonky, I’m thinking for a live set it could probably have enough, but so far I have not pushed it much.


Good gosh that’s the finest user name I’ve ever seen. Humbling.


Good god, the 2.0 firmware makes this little box hotter than hell. I´m in love! :star_struck:


any snippets of the new synth engine bits out yet?


I only had a brief time with it, the new filter mode is kinda hot, I didn’t have time, but it feels like resonance drives a bit of overdrive and more self-oscillation.

On the other hand, mixing midi/cv and samples on the same kit is dope.


Here’s a snippety snip of some filter sweeping with 1 analog saw waveform, 8 voice harmony, OSC volume at max into the new drive filter.
Raw at first, then cranking the resonance and I put some reverb on it towards the end :slight_smile: