Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox


It’s features:portability: price are better than the OP-1


This “argument” seems so pointless to me. If it takes so much effort to understand why the Deluge is appealing, it’s obviously not the right instrument for you. Case closed. It doesn’t even matter why you don’t understand other people liking it so much. Just be happy you can save your money for something else then.


Ok im reposting this since nobody did answer my question :

I was wondering how is the workflow working with parameters lock ?

You have to remember which parameters has been assigned to the custom buttons , is there any visual feedback ? I mean , can you see which parameter has been edited for a specific step if you want to make some adjustment ?

Also lets say you have a 3 parameter lock on step 2 (for ex filter cutoff, OSC pitch, LFO speed), can you see what are the values for that step for each parameters like in the Elektron machine ?

English is not my first language so let me know if im not clear :slight_smile:



If you hold down the trigger that has locks on it and go through the parameters you see the value in the LEDs.


So i decided to get one, mostly because i don’t use the sample mangling capabilities of my OT very often and was lusting for more voices of simultanious drums. Considered a TR-8S but this beats it in my vision, as i mostly use samples anyway and the workflow if the sequencer is at least interesting enough to give it a try (especially with the 2.0 upcoming) The enthousiasm and appearent passion of the Synthstrom guys made me click buy. I can see myself actually laying out a song on this one (the OT is more of a jam-unit for me, occasionally testing an idea for a song and feeding interesting sounds into my laptop).


Not as obvious as on the Elektron devices (inverted colour display mode) but OK.


Nah, sorry sold mine after a week. Tiny squidgy buttons, questionable screen printing and below par encoders made for a less than enjoyable experience. It’s very flexible but to be honest I’d rather use an iPad for that type of song making experience. I went straight to my Rytm after using it for a while and it felt like I’d just fired up a real machine again.
Just my opinion though and I wish the developers all the success they deserve!


Thanks for the answer ! So if you hold down the step you can, in some way, scroll through the parameters and see their values is that right ?


I also consider getting a deluge. I love the sequencer with all the pads. It seems to have an awesome sequencer workflow, more advanced and still more easy than typical 16 step sequencers.

However I don’t like the 4 digit display, where you have to switch between each single parameter. I think a display like the ones in elektron devices with more knobs would improve the programming workflow much more. Going through each parameter for the complex sampler and synth seems to be very slow and not so intuitive.

A deluge pro with such display would be awesome :slight_smile: I would be happy to pay 200-300 more for it.


It’s amazingly fast once you get used to it. I hope they don’t waste their time on developing a screen. The grid is the screen. Play with the Deluge for 5 minutes, and you’ll forget about needing a screen, especially when muscle memory takes over.


What could be nice is if you could draw automation using the grid, damn that would be great.


Someone made a well thought out suggestion for doing that in the forum. I would not be surprised if they add that sometime in the future given the rate at which they’ve been adding features and their ostensible commitment to developing the Deluge.


Yes, there are LEDs that display the value and it’s movements :slight_smile:


Not really, if you hold a pad and press for example the button for delay time you see the led corresponding to that encoder light up. It’s more a qualitative info. No info in terms of numbers. And you cannot scroll through the locks. AFAIK. So you often have to listen closely what step might have a lock on it.


mmm, not sure if I’m fully understanding the current implementation and i don’t own a deluge (yet)…

but it would be good if you could hold a step and press a button combo that switches the grid to a parameter lock function. the LEDs for any shortcut parameters that have locks on them for the step would light up. you could then press and hold a key (display reads current amount set for that parameter) and adjust the parameter or press it once quickly to remove the lock completely.

does that sound like it would work ?


That would be cool but is not the way it works right now. Maybe in a future update if this request gets enough upvotes


ok understood. thanks. has this methodology already been suggested on the forum for upvoting ? i’ve had a quick look and couldn’t see anything.


If you go into the sound editor and select the parameter, its value will show in the display. If you press play, you can see the exact values change as the playhead goes by.

I too would like it if you could press a pad and see the current value of the parameter. In practice, I have not found it to be very limiting.


Very cool, didn’t know that. I am still learning most of the deluge.


It depends on what exactly you want to get out of them. If you want to switch a pattern for the same instrument, that can be done by simply duplicating the track and making adjustments. If you want to switch many tracks at once, you can use sections for grouping them.

If you want to switch everything, including tempo, you’d need to switch songs entirely, which the Deluge by default arms and loads in sync if there is one currently playing. Songs (which are just labeled as numbers) have “variations” (e.g. 7, 7A, 7B, 7C), so working this way is really simple as well.