Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox


Ok thanks for the info.
How do you know which custom parameters are assigned though ?


You need to be part of Deluge firmware beta testers group in Facebook to download betas. I don’t know what’s the criteria to be accepted to the group nowadays. I guess you need to at least own one.


It’s a FB group


I ll let them do the beta testing and get the shortcuts in my head first. Some stuff to learn here already :slight_smile:


Ok, apart from not making coffee, is there anything negative about the Deluge or it is just unconditional love?


It doesn’t make coffee? I’m out.


no overbridge!




Things I find less than ideal.

  1. Sample management (folders & file names) of created samples needs to be done using a computer by moving the sd card or using the downrush editor.
  2. The led pads make it difficult or impossible to read the shortcut labels. I made a large 4 page print out till I memorize the locations.
  3. Knob-button location & size, particularly the select push encoder, tempo, and shift. There should be at least one more shift button on the opposite edge of the device for one handed combos.
  4. Heavy use of the select encoder and shift button worries me that it will need replacing (after years of use, but eventually).
  5. The 18650 should be in a protective sleeve or there should be insulation between the inside of the bottom metal case and the battery. As it is now, the battery is in a sled facing down just above the bottom plate of the case. The battery wrap serves as an insulator between the positive and negative terminals, but can be fairly thin. If the battery moves slightly out of the sled till it’s resting on the inside of the case. When vibration wears through the wrap, the case can short the battery. I haven’t opened my deluge up yet, but am going by the images posted in the guide by synthstrom of how to change/remove the battery.
  6. On board mic and speaker. I know I don’t have to use them, but I need to actively avoid accidentally engaging them.
  7. Patch creation could be smoother. I’m hoping they develop a grid editor, where a parameter’s range is displayed and value selected using the grid pads rather than using the regular display and knob turning.


I’m mostly drawn to it as a midi sequencer. Poly conditional trigs looks great. Sequencing the tr8 while being able to see every track really appeals also. I tend to jam live with a few boxes so this could be the sequencer. I have no problem with OT sequencer but the visual feedback of the deluge seems better.


That’s what attracts me too, sequencing my ND2 and MPC Live visually, with the Live still handling all of the heavy sampling.


And then I can forget about tr8s. This might work.


Especially for midi sequencing drums it’s awesome - triplets and cross screen editing (make edits on one view but force changes also to “currently unseen” views) are wonderfully done.


I haven’t really heard any good examples of the synthesis on the Deluge- nothing that really inspires me.

I mean- I’ve heard good stuff from it- and it’s not a deal breaker(it being a powerful battery powered sequencer/sampler might still be worth it and make a nice laptop companion)

If someone can confirm that you can get good sounds out of the units synthesis(ideally with demos) that would be pretty cool.


I was thinking the same Ryan. Till i heard this(3.20 Onwards esp). Most of the vids hardly scratch the surface i think.


Yeah- that’s great!

So it IS capable of sounding good, which is cool.

Must take some diving to get to it, though/is not intuitive to make a good synth sound.

Thanks for sharing- my initial suspicions were wrong and that’s good.


Also worth pointing out, the 2.0 update not out yet, contains a new filter which apparently works wonders with the synth engine. So there’s that to look into, as well.





Watching while I should be working. Really good simple tutorial that gives a flavour of what can be done. GAS returns once again!