Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox


I’m in Sweden. The price ends up pretty close to the Digitakt when all the currency exchanging is done. Very tempting. Thought this would go for twice the price or something.


Ah man, if the screen isn’t an issue for you then I’d grab one for sure :slight_smile: DT looks fun and seems to sound great from Cenk vids but Deluge looks like it’s on another level in almost all areas. And DT isn’t going anywhere, you never know how long products from these small companies will be around for… Just my 2 cents tho :wink:


Man, you’re a truth sayer today. You’re absolutely right.

My DigiTakt’s literally around the corner, though (Elektron HQ is just across the river from my house). It’s - so - damn - close.

Gonna have to settle this over a cup of coffee.


Haha, in coffee lies truth :wink: Either box looks great at what it does so it’s win/win :slight_smile: I’m super broke atm so I’m having to be insanely scrutinising over any purchases and be sure they add a LOT to my setup. But if I had some extra dough I’d be buying left, right and centre atm. Fun samplers appearing everywhere!


Yeah, same here. I sold the OT to finance the Digi, but that’s it, really. No funds after that, and would have none if I hadn’t had the OT to sell.

I kind of like being in that situation, as long as I can get by and feed the family. Having lots of gear would be fun, but really making the choice count, I actually think it’s more fun. A different kind of fun. Well, maybe not fun. But more reward. Strengthening of character. Good for the soul.

Ah, who am I kidding?


Haha. Good luck with the decision :slight_smile: Hope it works out either way!


It’s like you say. It’s gonna be good, either way. Two amazing options. Both of them will help me make great music. So it’ll be fine, no matter. Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anyone succumb to GAS type instincts as easily as @andreasroman :smile:

Good luck with the decision. I’m nearly as bad chopping and changing these days


Hey, I just wear my emotions on the outside, exposed to all you Elektronauts. It’s my way of not succumbing.

Or so I tell myself, over that coffee I’m having right now.


Hah :slight_smile: wife stepped in now :slight_smile:

She goes:
“You’re getting a Digitakt, honey. You’ve been talking about this for months. You’ve got all this nice music prepared for it. And you like Elektron.”

And she doesn’t even know what a Digitakt is, and only a vague idea of what Elektron does.

She’s one hell of a violin player, though.


Haha! Brilliant. My missus just rolls her eyes when I bang on about this stuff.

The GAS struggle is real!


And the force is strong in this one.


I thought all the videos so far have sounded very uninspiring. The sounds and music created has sounded bland and basic, no better than few presets on an app. I know it’s capable of so much more and it’s early days so can’t expect people to have mastered it yet. I’d like to see a video and think wow that sounds great


Hah :slight_smile: I know what you mean. I’m thinking the same of the DigiTakt. I’m not hearing anything other than “Wow, look at crazy stuff I’m doing with samplers and a sequencer, it’s so crazy, hey, look, it samples, too! Whoa, so crazy.”

But what others do with it, isn’t so interesting as much as how they approach it. So I’m thinking, my stuff put into that box, could generate this and that and so on. And that’s all I need to know.


You should get a rock on her, sounds like a keeper :heart:


That, she is. Got the rock and the kids. None of us are going anywhere now :slight_smile:


I’m so close to paying a bit more and cancelling my DT. I got my preorder for £600 but have had no news from the retailer other than ‘expected end may’ a status they have had since April.


I thought you wanted to go to Ashville one day? :ecstatic:
I think you should get your DT because it’s so close and you should probably try it out, but also I think I can authorize you checking out a Deluge when possible since you have interest in it, and keep the one that suits you best… Or just collect gear and hide it from yourself and pretend you don’t have it while focusing on one or two pieces at a time… :sweat_smile:


Ha, I’m considering both of these machines also, and my wife plays violin. She has an electric and runs it through ten effects pedals for a local doom band.


Have to say, though: As cool as the Deluge is, I am in love with the foot print of the DT.