Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox


Had a feeling it would be. These guys aren’t missing much at all.


Certainly seems like an awesome machine! Would seriously consider getting one if the import taxes here in Denmark weren’t so insane. It sadly makes it too expensive…


Hi! What would the import fees be in DK? I’ve been considering one of these but hadn’t thought of the import taxes.


it’s 23% import tax in Ireland. is it the same Europe wide?


I’m really trying to convince me that an external multi effects processor for my Mpc Live is what I need instead of the Deluge…


It’s 25% like in Norway? I paid about 900 DKK extra costs.

But it’s totally worth it!!


Actually, would import tax be due when I buy one in Australia/NZ and bring it home myself (or ask somebody)?


It is if they catch you at custom…


We are planning to stay a few months if we go, … like a second extended family honeymoon (we never had one in the first place :vampire:t2:‍♀️ :vampire:t2:‍♂️)

…so by the time we get back it would be used. Will see, don’t need it really but looks like a great travel music box.

Extreme 1st world issue anyway :umbrella:


All in all with taxes and fees it’s probably around 30%. So the Deluge is 987USD including shipping to Denmark. So it’s going to end up costing around 1280USD


If it’s 25% of the price of the Deluge (899USD without shipping) in import taxes how can you only end up paying 900 DKK (Danish currency) extra?


I had about the same experience. I paid about 1,000SeK in taxes, which would make the price of my Deluge around 995USDollars.


When you buy one the guys send you a mail asking you to tell them how much your tax was and they keep a track - so you can mail them and ask how much the taxes were for a country (assuming at least 1 has been bought from that country of course)


Did it go up in price?
Right now it’s 899USD without shipping and 987USD with shipping to Denmark.


No, that sounds about as when I bought it.

Hang on - I forgot about shipping. So yeah, my Deluge was about 995US including taxes + shipping, which was an additional 50 or so.


Yes, I send them a message 3 days ago, but haven’t heard back from them yet. I bet they are swamped after Superbooth and can’t keep up with orders and inquiries.


Ah nice! So it comes with a SD-card? 32Gb or?


No no, that’s something you’d need to get yourself to use Downrush which is third-party software created by a user :slight_smile:


I think it’s 8 or 16 gigs, not sure what it is currently, I bought my Deluge around a year ago.
Since all of Deluge’s data is xml and is based on saving songs, settings, synth presets, samples and kits to the SD it needs to come with one :slight_smile:


I see. Thanks :slight_smile: