Synthstrom Audible "Deluge" Sampler/Synth/Groovebox


I’m really torn on the Deluge, on one hand it seems am amazing all-in-one machine, on the other hand my flow is almost exclusively sample based, with sampling/resampling being a core part of it, so my current MPC Live + ND2 serve me more than well and I’m not sure how well the MPC and Deluge would integrate or overlap

Yet the song mode and pattern creation on the Deluge seems overly good…


For anyone interested in the U.K.
I paid £707 using a debit card and £106.11 import fees.


The MPC and Deluge are a great pair. They’re pretty opposite in terms of functionality and workflow and they do a nice job of covering each other’s shortcomings. MPC has huge velocity sensitive pads and a giant screen, Deluge has synthesis, p’locks, and probability. Plus they’re both battery powered, and can exchange stuff via SD card.

EDIT: Oh and you have a ND2 as well? Oh lawd… This was my setup at the last synth meet:


Ordered mine yesterday. Once the people find out how sick these things are, everyone will have one.

Also, it has a clock input, so you can have jitter-free/latency free sync to a DAW if you know what you’re doing.


I have a kmix and an Akai lpk25 too…


Freaky. Maybe we’re the same person.


Midi file export is on their roadmap, so is audio stems export :slight_smile:


whoooooaaaaaaa! :open_mouth:

That thing is as good as purchased!


Had a feeling it would be. These guys aren’t missing much at all.


Certainly seems like an awesome machine! Would seriously consider getting one if the import taxes here in Denmark weren’t so insane. It sadly makes it too expensive…


Hi! What would the import fees be in DK? I’ve been considering one of these but hadn’t thought of the import taxes.


it’s 23% import tax in Ireland. is it the same Europe wide?


I’m really trying to convince me that an external multi effects processor for my Mpc Live is what I need instead of the Deluge…


It’s 25% like in Norway? I paid about 900 DKK extra costs.

But it’s totally worth it!!


Actually, would import tax be due when I buy one in Australia/NZ and bring it home myself (or ask somebody)?


It is if they catch you at custom…


We are planning to stay a few months if we go, … like a second extended family honeymoon (we never had one in the first place :vampire:t2:‍♀️ :vampire:t2:‍♂️)

…so by the time we get back it would be used. Will see, don’t need it really but looks like a great travel music box.

Extreme 1st world issue anyway :umbrella:


All in all with taxes and fees it’s probably around 30%. So the Deluge is 987USD including shipping to Denmark. So it’s going to end up costing around 1280USD


If it’s 25% of the price of the Deluge (899USD without shipping) in import taxes how can you only end up paying 900 DKK (Danish currency) extra?


I had about the same experience. I paid about 1,000SeK in taxes, which would make the price of my Deluge around 995USDollars.