Synthstorm Deluge or Digitakt?


So I’m undecided whether I should buy a Digitakt or a Synthstorm Deluge. I am looking for a more live based type of gear but also for jamming.

I also own an OP-1, a Korg KP3, an M32 Midi keyboard and Ableton Live 10. (as well as a PO-35 speak)

So yea, as you already might have guessed, I do like the portability aspect of my gear and I think the Deluge is quite a powerful machine!

But I also like the control all parameters on the Digitakt as well as all the happy accidents that can be achieved on it.

And recently I even thought a Octatrack Mk1 bought from eBay would be cool (not the Mk2 though, it’s quite pricey).

Which one do you guys think I should get? Maybe something that can be the centerpiece of a live set and to accompany all my other gear? (all 3 could be fun for that imo)
But what are your thoughts?:wink:


Deluge, Digitakt, OT, all are great machines. So it’s down to personal choice. Or maybe get them all…

I personally would keep my Deluge over a Digitakt, but I’d probably choose my OT over my Deluge. That’s simply because personally I prioritise the flexible sample manipulation of the OT over any other production technique. I also really love the Elektron workflow and find it intuitive. So that has a bit of sway on my opinion too.

I’m a big fan of the Deluge guys (Rohan & Ian) though. They’ve made a great product that continues to be well supported. Their communication with consumers and their software updates have been top notch. And for that I’m happy to be a supporter of their stuff.


I have the Digi, and today I will buy a Deluge for that added flexibility and features.


What are your opinions on the OP-Z? It recently got onboard sampling similar to the OP-1.


can you offer these unique to OT features…I am just starting to warm up to OT…mostly exploring its midi sequencing and routing features.


I’m really digging the OT too the amount of manipulation you can do with this thing is insane!
But I’m not too keen on the price of the Mk2 though. Are there any huge differences between Mk1 and Mk2?
Would it still be good to buy an OT Mk1?


I anticipate that with the upcoming 3.0 update, which is adding all kinds of crazy looper functionality and knock-on workflow improvements, the Deluge will become everyone’s favourite instrument.

Right at this moment I would say that the Deluge is more of a ‘preparation’ machine than something that lends itself to doing much live, but the looper will change that entirely. It will also allow live recording (of, say, vocals) into arranger tracks and allow you to set track lengths on the fly, which will improve the existing workflow considerably. So the 3.0 update will improve the machine as a DAW replacement, while also introducing a heap of new live functionality. The first beta should be here by the end of July.


It’s worth reviewing previous discussion on the forum, including here:


Thanks! I read a little through the discussion. Seems like mostly the hardware has been improved… Better knobs, clearer display, back lit buttons, more shortcuts.
But I guess to really decide on which OT to buy I would have to check out a music store near me that has one or both.


So, I’ve read even more of the discussion and I think that I would rather get an OT MK1 than an MK2. Just the hardware improvements don’t seem 400$-ish worth…

What are your opinions on the Op-z btw?


I owned an OP-Z for a couple of months and ultimately sold it to fund a Digitakt.

Whilst the OP-Z is extremely fun and capable to jam ideas with, it wasn’t all that reliable when using it to sequence other gear via MIDI.

Also, I wasn’t a massive fan of the form factor. Yes, it’s highly portable but I wasn’t convinced that it would stand up to many knocks (admittedly, I’m a bit anal about looking after my gear).

Ultimately, it didn’t fit my workflow and I wanted something that could compliment a hybrid DAW/Eurorack set up. The Digitakt excels in that regard (I only wish it could quantise notes to a scale for when I go dawless).


I don’t own a Digitakt as I have the OT- but I do have the Deluge, OP-Z and MPC Live which are all portable/battery.

MPC Live has a big screen, great pads and massive storage. It has multiple midi I/O and can pretty much be a DAW replacement, it even hosts its own virtual synths now! Rock solid as a Live center piece and easy to use- as a bonus you get MPC 2 for the computer as well…

OP-Z is weird, quirky fun, redefines portable and as of yesterday now does sampling so would be a direct replacement for the Digitakt! Perfectly useable without the screen, but better with an iPad/Phone. No DIN Midi so you need a USB to MIDI or to buy the OP-LAB board for it (fits inside) - Elektron level P-Step in something the size of a bar of chocolate!

Only just got my Deluge - well built, long battery life, if you like step sequencing with buttons then you are in for a treat! Definitely a learning curve (as with the OP-Z with no screen) but ‘fun’ and instant gratification- CV out, Midi etc, sampler, VA synth, wavetable just about to come wit the new looper…a real bag of tricks in a small package.

If I could only have 1? Probably the OP-Z as its the only one you can put in your jacket pocket! If I wanted a ‘Live’ Midi sequencer- probably the MPC Live, if I wanted to just tool around in the back garden and have fun- the Deluge.


Thanks for your opinion!
I really like the Deluge and the way they are going with it (especially when wavetable synthesis gets included, this will be sooo nice!).
I still got roughly two more months to think about it though, so no hassle…
I will use this time wisely and keep looking for more information on the other gear as well!


The benefit digi has over deluge is overbridge, being able to work it directly with your daw is critical if your looking to make real top notch productions. The deluge sure has lots of features and sounds good, but if you’re creating important music you’ll benefit from the digitakt more id say


How would you rate the Digitakt when I try to combine it with my other gear?


thats where the magic is!!! Im getting a tb03 and a nord drum modules just for the digitakt since its hardware capabilities are great. Easy to change parameters and the elektron sequencer is great. The tb03 will help me get some awesome bass sounds (the digitakts basses are just fine but i love acid :smile: ) and the norm drum will provide me with drum synthesis