Synthopathe - My Music

My first sketch from my new hardware set up. Digitone for drums and a pad sound plus midi sequencing 3 hardware synths: Typhon, 0-Coast and Crave.

Recorded on my Tascam DR05x, straight from the mixer outs as sections with all instruments playing.

Just a sketch at this stage and would need fleshing out further etc etc. However, very pleased to have a proof of my first hardware set up.


My first song with the Digitone, Analog Four and Polyend Tracker… Only just started to learn these machines but love them already.

Hardware song walk-through ft. Deepmind 6, Digitone, Polyend Tracker, Korg NTS-1, Behringer MS-1 and recorded in Reason 11.

Subharmonicon has joined the fold :slight_smile:

Subharmonicon being controlled with CV from MPC One.