Synthfest France 2020

Tomorrow, Synthfest France 2020 will start. Because of the Covid19, it’s going to be online, with videos and streams.

Check the program if anything arouses your interest.


Everything is going to be in French, obviously, but there might be some stuff worth checking (Arturia new announcement, Expressive-E Osmose demo…)

Have a look !


Cool! Thanks for sharing. I was relying on youtube’s auto-translated subtitles as my ability to speak French is non-existent but that said your Elektron vid and the Arturia one were good. Looking forward to Fredslab’s one about his new synth later today.

Sorry, it’s indeed 100% French, I doubt there will be any subtitles for this hour long session…
It’s been very interesting to do, though, I might do shorter formats in the future, I’ll think about subtitles :wink:

Here’s the interview:


Is Denis from OTO machines announcing anything ?


YES, this is what I’m hoping.

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