Synth sound

I’m trying to figure out what is going on in this specific synth sound. Anyone has an idea? The pitch is being modulated, but other than that I don’t know how to make such a sound.

The first 10 seconds of this track:

I’d like to listen but the only way to hear is to buy the track

Oh, yeah, I was logged in to bandcamp, sorry about that.
Here is another link for the song (wondering about the first 10 seconds):

Wavetable synthesis. Can be hard to replicate without knowing what synth, since you need to find the same wavetable. But similar sounds is easy. Just scroll through the wavetable with a lfo. Blofeld is a cheap synth for this.

Thanks a lot, man! I actually just got the Blofeld, but I am new to synthesis, so I couldn’t identify it as wavetable.

That sounds more like spectral fuckery than wavetable synthesis to me. Something like izotope iris pulls this off very easily, but anything that lets you modify time/frequency content can produce these kinds of sounds.

Makes me think of:

I think he was using an image to sound converter for some of these sounds, such as:

Yeah, after a second listen, im not 100% shure it is wavetable. Sounds like additive synthesis. But there are often alot of additive type wavetables. Since wavetable has some overlap with sampling, it could be anything.

I havent had a Blofeld in a very long time, so i dont remember the wavetables. I think there was one called Glassy that might be similar.

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I had a look at this one about wavetables in blofeld:

Sounds like you could make her sound with wabetables. It doesn’t sound way off around the 1:40-2:00 mark. Also, the sound she uses is maybe also being processed by one or more pedals/effects.

To me it sounds more like a sequenced filterbank. hmm, buyers remorse for having sold my spectralis… :slight_smile:

But as she uses a blofeld. Wavetable seems to be the more likely way.

Great thread! Dust is sooo good, especially this opening track. It’s been a huge inspiration to me for it’s warped (yet melodic) sound design.

I assume that there’s probably some manipulation happening within software, but Laurel Halo did actually use the blofeld quite regularly in past albums, so it’s not too far off to think that it was used here as well, at least to some affect… It sounds like there’s several layers happening.

…I’m curious to hear whatever you end up making during this exploration…

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Just saw that you said it too.

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could be processing on a vanilla sound with modulated delays and so on

Virta does this sort of stuff with ease, like a vintage harmonizer for that fourth world vibe

Virta looks fun, thanks!

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On a side note, DJ Kicks: Laurel Halo was just announced:

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My guess would be that it’s simply a sample being played. Note the odd cuts in the dynamics.
(Lots of Rytm on this track it sounds like too…)

As for making the sound, could use a wavetable synth or fm synth or whatever, doesn’t matter as much as how it’s processed and played back in this case I think.

Love Laurel’s music!


I think you are right about the processing. I also thought that it could maybe be a sample, but then on the next track ‘Jelly’, she is using a similar sound, but in a slightly different way, and that made me think it was a synth.

Yeah, she’s definitely one of the heroes!

Anyone have an idea how this synth sound is made?
The sound is from the track Hand Drops by Loraine James, enters about 1:08

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