Syntakt Techno

Can the Syntakt Techno?
Can it replace the Cycles?
And what is with the Rytm?

That and a few demos in my Syntakt video:

What’s with your Techno Sounds from the Syntakt?


Hi @borg029un03. Nice video, nice techno :+1:

I’m curious how you configured “fill” to hi-pass the track. Are you using the “fill” probability on trigless locks on the FX track?

Yes. Syntakt can very good techno. :black_heart:


I’ll tried to use the FX Track Filter, but it crackles when the Filter Typ Changes. This not so cool.
I use additional Trigs on the Bass/Kick Tracks and Shift them to the Step before. These Steps have P-Locks on the Filter. The Normal Steps are not in the Fill.

I should make a Video for that.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

Do you mean 1) the normal kick triggers are muted during the fill (the “!fill” trig probability)?

Or do you mean 2) the trigless locks that precede each trigger can somehow override the value of the filter on the following step?

I hope it’s #2 because that’s cool AF and didn’t think it was possible!

You can use micro timing to move a step back (or forward) so it is almost on top of the previous step. I’m not sure if it’s quite exact, it maybe still triggers a fraction of a beat after, but it’s probably close enough for tricks like this! So I’m guessing he’s putting filtered kicks with fill condition on the step following the “real” kick and microtiming it as far back as it will go. V cool trick, I never thought of using it like this for high passing kicks!

Edit: I just checked - the furthest back/forward you can time a step is 23 384ths, so you can go up to 1 384th note away from the previous/next step. You can hear a slight “flam” if you do this with the kick - but the trick is to also make the “real” kicks mute when fill is pressed (using the “not fill” condition), then you can’t tell there is a tiny timing difference as you only hear the high passed one. Fun stuff!


Wow that’s really good to know. That trick could well free up the filter on my AH. Thank you both!


Yeah that’s exactly the way I did that


Definitions of techno vary but here’s my take on the genre


Here is my quick 30 minutes to setup the sounds and loop and then jam out first thing I made on the syntakt… really enjoying myself and want to spend more time with the machine(6 tracks for reference… one analog, 5 digital). It’s noting special but I also think it’s not all that bad for a quick live jam…


I was thinking about buying an AR a for a few weeks, then saw the Syntakt being released and thought it wasn’t what I was looking for. (In my opinion the two important things missing is 1) Sampling 2) Song mode)

Then came all these videos from Mutlu and Another Machines and I am totally lost !

I own an Analog Four MK2 and an Akai Force (with a few other devices) and I wanted to add one more Elektron Device to my setup.

I think the Akai Force is enough to cover the 2 “missing points” (sampling and song mode) ; that makes the Syntakt a pretty good option now.

Little Techno Jam with the Syntakt


This sounds massive, well done.

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My first jam on the Syntakt, more towards the hypnotic side of techno. Drums and arrangement need more work, it was just a quick 30 min play around, but I was quite pleased with the resonant lead sound


Syntakt has the best bassdrums! 3:-)

Another Techno Jam


Very nice

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