Syntakt reset

Hi, just picked up a Syntakt and working my way through. I know you can reset patterns etc but is there any way of wiping everything from the entire machine? Don’t have to hook it up to a laptop to enable this or can I do it from the unit?

Thanks!! M

Do it on the unit by entering the Startup menu

Hold function down when powering

Read the manual before doing this so you know what each option does

Look for empty reset to get rid of all patterns

If you want to lose all stored sounds then you can erase the +drive too - this is done when the unit is booted up normally

It’s the same for almost all the devices, so you can refer to other explanations if stuck

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Ahh ok, thanks for the reply man.

Yeah done that but still seems to be some presets loaded. I just want to wipe all off it and start from scratch. Manually I guess?

If you mean sound presets, then you would have to select all the sounds on Bank A and/or B and toggle their locks off in one action - then you can delete if that’s your preference

If you want those back you would run a factory reset from the startup menu

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Great. Thanks bro!! :slight_smile: