Syntakt Pre-purchase Questions

Unless you want to use it for hi hats / rides etc, you can also think of it as a high passed fourth VCO that can do at least a proper square wave. I’ve been able to make a few useful pluck sounds out of some of its specific machines.

The thing I’m missing about the analog VCOs are pwm and oscillator sync. But as you say, you can get to those sounds via the digital engines instead so I’m not really missing anything. I suppose a secondary high pass filter would have been nice to cut out some of the mud, but I do that in the DAW anyway.

Thanks to everyone who has commented and helped here today. I’ve just ordered the Syntakt. Looking forward to its arrival.


Maybe there’s hope?

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That would be really neat if they implemented this. I don’t think that’s what we’re seeing in the video though… it’s more likely to be a count-in which Mario is timing well, possibly assisted by looking at the metronome LED (which begins flashing after pressing the Live Record combo).

If it’s the case, he is fucking tight. Regarding the Metronome LED, I can’t see that it’s blinking when he hits the combo Rec. For me, it’s always blinking.

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The plot thickens…

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oh. my. god. yes.

This would be great my Syntakt arrives on Monday. Someone must know surely?

How do you set the note value to transpose the pattern? I’m only seeing individual note trigs?


You know, you’re right. You can’t do what I suggested. I don’t know why I said that.

You could do it with TUN tho’.

That makes sense from what I been seeing. You can transpose individual note trigs.

And that can be quick since there are only 4 pages, you can hold as many trigs as you can, and move the tune encoder up by however many steps you want.

Thanks for letting me know!

Would the notes stay in tune with the selected scale?


You would have to use the scale feature without folding the keyboard as a guide to know what notes you want to trig as. just write down the notes of the scale in the menu… it shows you on the graphic of an unfolded keyboard.

or just replay in the notes in the correct scale… its only a 4 bar pattern

Probably not. It depends which key you were in to begin with, what change you make and what you would want to happen.

e.g. if you’re in C Major and you go up 7 semi-tones, you’ll be in G Major. This would be the same as if you did a manual modulation. If you went up 4 semi-tones (“a third”), you would be in E Major, but the third chord/key/mode of C Major is actually E minor, so you’d need to tweak your pattern to sound “correct” - unless you like the effect.

This is the same issue that occurs when you sample a chord or use chord memory. It’s not “normal” from a basic western classical music perspective, but it might sound fine. It works great for 1000s of house and hiphop records.

Better to do it with the trig note key, no? That way you don’t need to p-lock specific tuning. You can still hold down multiple trigs when transposing this way.

I wish there was a faster way to transpose a track or pattern though.

A count in with the metronome he can hear I think. But it is not recorded via USB, so we can’t hear it.

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I’ve been fooled but I’m relieved that I didn’t miss that feature all these years. :rofl:


He still is fuckin tight with the timing… plus, I think those videos are very well rehearsed. They dial everything in almost exactly, and say what the result will be almost exactly.

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Plus that would explain the dap up in the end. Nailing it after a bunch of takes.

Or the beat is just fucking hard.