Syntakt does not getting pattern changes

I hooked up my elektron trinity (digitone+digitakt+syntakt) but for some reason the sync between the digitone and the digitakt works perfectly and as for the syntakt it’s not working at all.
ofc it’s all connected correctly and the syntakt is synced as a slave (receive boxes are checked).
what do I do to make it work :frowning:

Probably you will find all the answers here :

If the SY is between the DT and the DN, you have to configure the SY in clock and receive mode.
it’s logical, it has to send program changes and send them at the same time.
I also learned all this, thanks to the members of the forum.

  1. Have you tried a different MIDI cable?

  2. Can you provide more detail? Which box sends clock & Pgm Chng? Which MIDI sockets are you using on each device? What’s the MIDI channel settings for all three, etc

ok I fixed it, I changed all 3 machines auto channel in/out to 16 and it worked

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Glad it’s working.