Syntakt Bread and Butter sounds

terrible term, bu get it.

i miss roladn TR style basic woodblock, HHats and these percussion sounds

anyone, know where they are located or have some of the preset made themselves ?

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Hihats machines are on track 12. They are synthesis based rather than TR samples based so won’t sound like a 909 (which uses a sample), bit closer to 606/808 though. If you want TR style sound then it’s not really possible on Syntakt. For that the TR-6S/8S or samples is a better choice.

They’re on Roland machines… :wink:

let me rephrase

the syntakt generally lacks basic percussion sounds. but it has however basis kik snare and hi hat sounds… so, it is not such a weird request.

am asking for those basic sounds, so i can transfers the beats i made on my 1010 blackbox (with tr6s samples) to the syntakt>

Anyone with actual helpful input or made presets welcome :slight_smile:

Maybe make an exhaustive list of the sounds you find missing.
But to be frank, what’s fun with synthesis is to (re)create the ones that please you.


Imho you can reproduce any of them with ST.

With audio examples please!


I think you could get close by combining tracks? 12 tracks provides plenty of space.


@chaocrator that’s cheating !

Ah yes I forgot. Claps are sample based too iirc. Other sample based sounds on TRs ?

but gets the job done in shortest time.

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Of course, it is already done !

the digital claps can sound extremely close to the tr909 claps. toms are possible with the analog bassdrums. woodblock and rimshots are possible, too. the only thing missing are the 909 hihat, crash and ride samples. but you can have 808 hihat, crash and ride …

All Syntakt except 303 bassline:


Yes I think it is a really good clap machine. I usually don’t like claps, only hard distorted claps mixed with snares, but this machine is very versatile !

I made some crap with only claps :


My favorite Syntakt hats are made with the digital clap machine. TR6S really is the ideal partner for those other original sample based Roland sounds (hats, ride, crash).


… and one more about toms and claps :wink:

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i m asking not offering

yes the claps are grande i agreee… i just miss some basic and clear sounding, cowbell, woodblock & rimshot stuff… since there is 8 sample based channels, wouldnt be too difficult :slight_smile:

I don’t ask you to offer, but to give audio examples of the sounds you’d like to reproduce on ST. Would be easier…