Syncing the Cycles and Digitone

I have a Cycles and Digitone and would like to get them set up in a way that pressing the play button on one triggers the other via 5 pin midi cables. Trying to get everything set up for DAWless performances but I haven’t figured out what I need to do so they both start at the same time and change patterns together. Is it better to set one before or after the other? Right now I have the Cycles first in the midi chain.

Any help is appreciated.


M:C Midi dongle out to midi cable to midi in on digitone.

Set m:c to send transport. Set DN to receive transport.

Push play

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I personally would hook them up the other way around because the Digitone buttons are more obvious and responsive than the M:C, but the transport settings are essential.

Me, too. I was just workin with what OP gave me

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Thanks so much! That got me sorted out.
I have it in that order for now because my writing starts with the Cycles and I’m mostly using the Digitone to sequence other external synths.