Syncing Rytm MK2 and DFAM


Hi guys, as powerful as the rytm is, the DFAM seems a really fun machine to play with. Anyone know how to sync them up? Cheers

Analog RYTM MK1 or MK2 syncing with DFAM
  1. Load one of your tracks with an impulse machine
  2. Put a trig on each step
  3. Head to the project setup menu and make sure that track is sent to an individual out (and make sure it doesn’t come out of the master out anymore, that would be annoying :slight_smile:
  4. Plug the chosen individual out of the Rytm into the ADV/CLOCK input of the DFAM.
  5. Press play on the DFAM sequencer. It won’t start moving until it starts receiving clicks.

Note that in my case, I really had to crank the volume up for this to start working. If you don’t want to lose one of your Rytm voices, you’ll have to purchase a MIDI to CV converter (or build one, I read it’s sort of easy).


Thanks man! Does a cable like this work?

On the verge of splashing some cash…


Not for what I described. To go for my solution, you need something like this:


and messing with the filter and e.g. changing the resonance on the impulse will yield interesting effects, such as the DFAM sequencer running backwards, skipping steps, etc. (at least in my case). short: i had to find the sweet spot for the impulse settings to do exactly what I required. (i.e. play all 8 steps regularly and from left to right)


Lovely. Massive thank you!!


Great advice there, I experienced the same and it yielded interesting results :sparkling_heart:


You’re quite welcome ! :+1:


Hello Elektronauts,

Has anybody had any experience using the Analog RYTM MK1 or MK2 and successfully synced with a Moog DFAM, interested to find out if this can be done.



hey guys I have a follow-up question.

So I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger to buy a DFAM, but I’m wondering if I should get a mixer with built in interface along with it. Currently I don’t have an interface, so I’m considering buying a AH Qu 16, which can do multitrack recording in the DAW

My question is, do you think it’s likely that overbridge can hook up the rytm mk2, dfam and daw? (I know it’s hard to say for sure since it hasn’t been released yet) If so then I can save 1k and invest it elsewhere. Many thanks.


Hey thanks for all of your advice - I have the DFam working exactly like you suggested sending an impulse from track 12 but still have a problem.

I went into projects and turned off all sounds from both tracks 11 and 12 and turned off the synth and sample volume for track 11. On track 12 only the impulse synth is sending, but the sound is still coming through the main outs of the Rytm… no idea why as in the project setup under routing it says only 10/12 tracks are going to the main ouputs (or to the fx too).

Any idea why this is happening please? Is there somewhere else I can tell the Rytm to not send audio to the main outputs?

Thanks in advance.


Hey there, I have it working using a pulse from track 12 using an impulse machine. The cable is plugged into the advance/clock port on the DFam. The volume from the impulse machine needs to be loud and you have to decide to put trigs on all 16 trig buttons, or on every other.


So for others looking gor an answer to this go to the kits menu/track routing too.


And you have a monomachine and a Roland A-01 You can Control The Dfam vco s without Dfam Sequenzer with all monomachine Sequenzer Features. Monomachine with Rytm is very bad sound-


Not sure about that one chief…


the roland have a midi Ch For her Synth and a Channel for Sequenzer. The sequenzer have a Cv out and Gate out send in your modular You Can control The all with monomachine . The clock is extra from The Rytm. You Start Not The Rytm The Dfam Sequenzer is still and play sound - The Cv to VCO1CV in or VCO1&2 and The Gate to vca Cv in


Think I’ve misunderstood something there. Never mind! :slight_smile:


you could also use something like this:
TouellSkouarn - Triglostek
its a tiny din24 to clock converter - it only sends the clock signal but no transport signals (start/stop, reset)
will also work with a4, dt, … (every box where you can switch midi thru to DIN24)


I think bastl have the right Tool for clock —-bastl klik—audio to klik


the obvious answer is to buy a Mother32, sync via midi, use the Assign output to send clock from Mother32 to DFAM :rofl:

probably why Mother32 got midi and DFAM didn’t; Moog want you to buy both!