Syncing OT with A4

I’m getting my own OT mk1 in a few days and have an A4 mk2, and I’m wondering what’s the best way to synchronize and use them together during a live set? Btw I’m a bit new to Elektron but I’m loving the Elektron style workflow!

To me, this sounds like a logical way to connected and sync these devices:

  1. Use the OT as the main brain, sending clock and pattern changes to A4 (and other gear) through MIDI.

  2. Use the OT as a mixer for the A4 and possibly other gear, to do “dynamic performance sampling” in realtime and add effects.

  3. Use the Cue output on the OT and hook it up to some of my external effects for send and return.

  4. Sequence performance changes on the A4 using A4’s built-in sequencer (like changing filter settings on a per-note basis etc)

So I’m mostly wondering if this sounds logical, or if there are better ways to play these devices together?

Which is better, to control the A4 through MIDI from the OT, or use the built in sequencer of the A4? I’m mostly concerned if it is possible to trigger per-note performance changes through MIDI? (like when using the built in sequencer of the A4 to change filters, etc…)


Yes. You can record loops to slice them, record whole tracks…

Also possible to send Cue to A4 inputs for its fx

Performance term is confusing. You can record / plock parameters in A4, and add an additional control of Perf macros with OT midi tracks.

Depends, many possibilities, no ideal setup.

Personally I just use OT midi tracks to control Multi Map (all 128 soundpool sounds directly playable), and Perf macros.

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Great seems like I’m on the right track. Thanks for the reply.

Interesting concept to use the A4’s effects.

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Yes, you a definitely on the right track … :slight_smile:

About what’s better (MIDI from OT or using the A4 sequencer): as @sezare56 already said, there is no “better”. It completely depends what you want to do. If MIDI is “enough” to accomplish a task, then use MIDI. If you want to utilize features which are hard or not possible via MIDI (like sound-locks, parameter locks, conditional trigs) use the internal sequencer. And best of all: you can simply mix and match (say: two tracks will be controlled via MIDI and two tracks by the internal sequencer - or - the utilization just changes from pattern to pattern however you want).

IMHO the only limitation is your imagination.