Sync Start A4 mk2 with Ableton


Hi there!
I am slowly ploughing my way through working with my new a4 (which I really like btw!). I set the a4 up to receive midi sync and start/stop. I does start and syncs nicely with Ableton, only is the start point about an eighth note behind, putting it out of step. Can the timing of the sync start be corrected somewhere?

I would really appreciate your help on this topic!




you can offset the midi clock (negative latency) in the ableton midi prefs


Thank you for your kind advice! I already did this. With a considerable negative delay (68ms) most of the notes land on time. However, the following remains strange: The first beat goes off timing as if I had not entered a negative delay (about an eighth note behind), while all of the following notes are on time. Did anyone experience this behavior?


I’ve noticed the same, I think it just takes a second for the latency to adjust itself so anytime I want to capture a loop I record after the first bar is done.