Sync envelope Moog Subsequent37

Hi Guys,

I was jamming on the Subsequent tonight but I somehow got the feeling the sync doesn’t work properly. I have set the envelope synth on 1/4 notes. Tempo at around 120 and a tie note in the sequencer for 16 steps. Env settings for filter are like some delay, attack hold decay and release. So it works well with the 1/4 notes.

I would guess that if I play a note the sequencer start en therefor the Envelope starts with the syncing for every 1/4 note in the tempo of the sequence. But occasionally the envelope looks like it retriggers twice In a row shortly after the first note. Like I need to time when I press play.

Is this normal behavior?

Can you upload audio?

I can, but later on. So to be continued.

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Just to confirm, you are sending external midi data to the sub37 or the internal sequencer? We should be hearing a consistent pattern, correct?

Also, does the init patch have the same behavior?

Hypothesis: You may be sending it two notes if you are using the internal sequencer external midi, causing intermittent retriggering. Try adjusting the retrig with the MULTI TRIG button.

I use the internal sequencer without any midi connection. So internal sequencer with internal clock.

Internal sequencer is 16 steps of the same note but tied together. So one note of 16 steps. If I turn on the Multi Trig button it retrigs after each step (also weird as it is one note of 16 steps).

Haven’t tried with init patch. And you mean by unit patch just the init and the sequencer or with the envelope on synced?

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I just am trying to help you isolate the parameter giving you grief. Unfortunately my sub 37 is on loan at the moment (and with quarantine in effect here I can’t pop over and try to recreate the behavior) so I am working from memory. I would try loading an init patch and using the same sequence to see if it’s the envelope settings or the sequencer settings that causing the issue.

I have, in the past, had issues trying to synchronize the internal sequencer to an external midi track, and eventually decided I shouldn’t rely on the internal sequencer unless I was just messing around and willing to accept whatever was going on. So I thought that was maybe what was going on here.

I have noticed that the Internal clock is always running. So it doesn’t reset when the sequencer starts. Could it be that the sync for envelope is trying to get in sync with the internal clock and then also retrigs when the note is triggerd in the sequencer so that the sequencer isn’t in line with the clock.

The sequencer just starts when a note is held.

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I loaded a init patch and entered the same sequence. But at first I don’t hear the issue. But when I turn on sync in the filter envelope and add some attack and delay and eg amt. it occurs again.

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Can you take a picture of the envelope, specifically the buttons. I reckon multi trig or reset is the culprit. I have a sub 37, p31 in that manual, not sure if the subsequent manual is layed out differently.

Offcourse here they are. Don’t mind the position of the knobs they are turned of a other patch. But this is the loaded patch.

Hooked up My Digitakt to see if it occurs aswell with external clock en incoming midi notes. So I have 16 step long note from te DT to the Moog. If I have the internal sequencer on then it works like a charm. No weird jumping.

But if I turn the internal sequencer of then something else weirdly occurs. The first 1/4 note no envelope and the other 3 do have the envelope. (But you expect it to be on the first aswell)But when I turn sync off the first 1/4 note gets the envelope and the rest not (like you would expect)

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Yep. As I thought. Try sync on, reset on.
And make sure you have the filter eg clock division set to the correct division.

Sorry mate, doesn’t work. If I put on the reset and I have the filter eg clock division on 1/4 note. So it should restart every 1/4 note. If I have the above the same thing happens. Even with init patch.

What about your LFO filter mod. Have you tried that with reset on?

Nope doesn’t affect it. It looks like a timing issue. Because depending on when I press a note to play the sequencer it retrigs on different times after the note is pressed. This also occurs when sequencer is off and I just hold the note. Depending on the timing of pressure.

Just restarted a init patch with a simple decay envelope for filter and sync on and it already occurs.

I figured it out.

The internal clock is always running. So when you press a note right on time of the beat the envelope restart at every beat. But if you time sloppy the envelope starts at the press of the note and then restarts at the beat. So with the sequencer it restarts every 16 steps from the point where you pressed the note. Weird to me to be honest. Would expect the clock to reset at the start of the sequence.

  1. With the midi it is working now had the rate on a different division.
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Hey man,

I have still a little issue With Sync. But now when I slave the Moog to my Octatrack.

I have a single note for a bar long. Set the Evelope on Sync and the Rate on sync with the clock to 180, so it goes like 1/16. The Sync for the Filter EG is in a 1/4 division. No I hear the Envelope restart on beat 5, 9and 13. But it doesnt restart on the first beat when the note hits. When I microtime the midinote one pinch to the left it does restart. Is this normal?

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Ok lets start from the begining. What exactly do you want your envelope to do?
It sounds like you want the envelope to repeat, or Loop if you will. Is that right?

Well I want it to loop in perfect sync with the played notes. So when I press a note it triggers the envelop and it repeats after 1/4 note. And so on. When I play a second note I want to do the same. That is what I want. I want to keep the LFO free for other stuff.

So why are you not using envelope loop function?

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