Sync a DAW to vinyl when DJing?


Another option in case you haven’t seen it:


Interesting , you used it?


Just to update the thread (and thank you for your suggestion u/armandocajide ), I’ve gone ahead with the suggestion and bought a Redsound Soundbite Micro.

It definitely syncs to audio as long (as the beats aren’t too complex) but Logic X won’t slave to it. This is either because:

  1. Logic listens for MMC and the SBMicro outputs plain MIDI
  2. I need a dedicated, updated USB MIDI interface

At the moment I’m connecting the MIDI out of the SBMicro into a MIDI in on the Korg Taktile which is connected to Logic X directly to a USB port. The Taktile works perfectly, showing but there is no response from Logic, no indicators flashing in the tempo/time sig part of the control bar.

So the next step is to find out how to convert MIDI to MMC and whether than can happen as an app, or whether it needs to be a hardware device doing the conversion.

Incidentally I think I’ll start another thread about that seeing as it’s a slightly different issue.


Naww man. Forget all that stuff.

If you’re an experienced vinyl DJ (guessing you are?), all you need is some host like ableton which has both TAP TEMPO and tempo nudge. and yeah, preferably a cueable metronome too like ableton, sometimes helps alot…

Tapping the tempo will get you in the ballpark, and tempo nudging will get you the rest of the way there. From there, its just a matter of maybe changing the tapped tempo value up/down a few tenths of a BPM to get a stable enouh sync that you can just ride the nudges like you do with the vinyls. You might not even need to have the downbeats in phase if all you need is a time division, like often is the case with delays etc.

I do manual beatmatching with ableton and my elektrons all the time. Piece of cake man! Beatmatching something like a PO to a record manually is much more of a challenge :wink: