Switching patterns 1.50A

is it possible with firmware 1.50A to switch patterns sending notes to the Rytm?
Or if I have to use program change, can you please tell me bank - sub - program format?
I’ve tried both ways but not succeded.
Ableton Live 10, the AR setup in a midi channel with an “external instrument” device.
NO OVERBRIDGE thanks :slight_smile:


MIDI Program Change numbers 0 to 127 correspond to AR pattern numbers A01 to H16, as described in the manual. There is no need for Bank Select messages.


do I need to activate receive notes or receive cc/nrpn on the Rytm ?

Hi I’m trying to do a similar thing but i want my DSI Tempest to trigger chain changes / song rows as i change beats on my tempest.

I use a foot pedal to ‘increment beat’ on the tempest and in turn i would like that to trigger the Rytm MKII to ‘increment song row’

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

No: to receive Program Changes you only need to activate PRG CH RECEIVE.

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thanks, that was the missing link

Doesn’t seem possible from Tempest or any gear. You can change AR patterns with Program Changes. You can play a certain position of the song with Song Pointer Position messages. Not common.