@switchbox's MD Max4Live controller

Looks great @switchbox great stuff. On Point with the graphical UI :3lektron:

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Really looking forward to this!

This is looks great! Overbridge for Machinedrum!

Yup this will be an instabuy when released

early bird release.


early birds can grab it now.


But if this is an ‘’early bird release’’ and if i buy it now will i get the update for free?

Lovely! And now the VST version please! :wink:

sure…updates are free of charge.


this will take some time…but it’s on my list.

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Nice summary, and I’m with you there !
What is the MIDI slice song mode technique you mention, if you don’t mind sharing ?


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@ switchbox

hey! is it possible to randomize patterns (trig steps)? that’d be great! :slight_smile:

p.s. with this plug you’ve just increased the value of MD by 200-300 euros imo :elmd::thup::tongue:


wow thank you…hopefully you enjoy this one. I try to clean up everything what’s left over (commented as issues) in the next update.

the sequencer thing is a whole new level, but interesting aswell. Since there are a lot limitation in the way to communicate with the MD ( Sysex is kinda dirty for realtime if there’s plenty of stuff going on) . Luckily the Turbomode from the TM-1 is doing a great job in performance.
The only way to communicate is with Sysex and Midi-CC , so what’s implemented in Sysex can be accessed , but some of the commands are not very helpful. Anyway I try my best to make this tools as versatile as it can be. For me the main focus was to descramble all the 7bit encoded stuff so that you can fully edit kits and dumps for later backup or exchange.
So the xml allows you to save single drumsound and share them with others also.
Let’s see what comes next. :wink:

cheers, nik


When’s this up on the market then :yum:

what exactly do you mean?..it’s up already!

here’s the early bird release

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Awesome, didn’t realise… purchased :+1:t3:


Can you please report me how it goes? It helps even if you feel everything is working. Just drop a line and I know everything is ok so far.
Bugs and anythings that’s missing is welcome in the first place. I need to polish some things for the next release then.

Chers everyone, Nik


Oops, I might have inadvertently bought it :tongue:

=> :beer: :beers: Cheers!


what i prefer is, please post any issues you have here in the forum either than mailing me privately. that way we can figure out the problems you have and anyone else with the same issues can read and adapt solutions we will add or solve together. i will support you as far as i can.

thank you, i love my Machinedrum! hope you‘ll do so or maybe once again :wink: