Sustaining pedal Monomachine

Greetings everyone,

I’m trying to understand how to make the Monomachine respond to a sustaining pedal. I have the Monomachine hooked up to a midi keyboard, where the sustaining pedal is plugged in indeed. For some reason, the pedal off/on midi information is not pre-mapped or read by the Monomachine and I wonder whether a) it’s even possible to use a sustaining pedal or b) I should somehow map it myself in some way I haven’t thought of yet.

Any tip/workaround would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:


I’m not sure it accepts a sustain pedal message. Mod wheel and breath controller definitely are (equivalent to up/down on the joystick by default), but sustain I can’t find anything about.

Hi Finalform, thanks for getting back. I also can’t find anything, though it seems bizarre that one can’t use a sustaining pedal (for instance while having the synth in polymode). Hm. I wonder if there’s ways to have the modulation wheel influence the release of the envelope instead…?

Found a workaround, I assigned the modulation wheel to the release of the envelope. I sent elektron an email asking about the sustain pedal issue, though I doubt it is possible to use it indeed. Thanks though

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