Supercritical Synthesizers - Demon Core Oscillator (16 voice module)


So, this is a thing…

I might be out of line here but, I like the sound of these oscillators more than the OB-6… Run it through a SEM filter and it could be downright magical.

Any idea when this will be available? Let alone where to get it in the US? I messaged Perfect Circuit and they said they’re discussing it with Supercritical Synths but nothing is set in stone yet… I’d imagine that’s basically the only place in the US it’ll be available. It’s so lush.


Hey, that’s our module!

Cool, thanks for the comments! I do like to run it with a SEM filter. I should really do a demo with that filter. We have a lovely Oberheim OB-Xa and that was our benchmark for the vibe of the module. Lush was one of the main things we aimed for.

Related to Elektron stuff, my favorite companion to sequence the DCO is the Digitakt. I run the midi out to the module, use a filter and an envelope. I use mostly the DCO in 4x4 polyphonic mode so I get four unison stacks controlled via the four voice polyphony. Or use 8x2 and use two Digitakt channels.

Regarding availability, we’re just preparing the first batch of modules. We’re just trying to gather a list of dealers from our distributor. Perfect Circuit seems to have them in preorder.