Superbooth 19


Just saw this. I’m patiently awaiting any news. I love the small size. I plan on getting a carrying case and bringing this to work to play with during down time. Btw, love your artwork style! Been checking out your website. What is that style called? It reminds me of Superjails art style.


After a pretty monstrous week at work, I’ve finally got some down time to enjoy a few beers and catch-up on all the Superbooth news/vidos. Don’t say that I don’t know how to party on a Friday night!!!


Thanks, yeah I don’t know what I call it other than cartoons… somewhere between new age rubber hose and comix style illustration maybe. Luckily I have the old nanoloops to hold me over for my portable needs.


cant wait for some sound demos of this


Reon Wizlink

This is a collection of modular analog gear, with either plugable patches or virtual patches indicated by a single digit number on a 7 segment LED display. You got to see it perhaps to understand.

This is still in prototype. I don’t know if you can store and recall patches. It’s a good idea, though perhaps this implementation is still a little clunky.

Reon is also showing there tiny FM synth (if you run the video back to 1:00) called the Microsinger.


Super6 looks a-mazing FPGA synth … to demo that with no effects, and for it sound like that is mental.

Looks really timeless aesthetically, Axel done good.


Wing Pinger from Meng Qi


A generative synth module using only two low pass pinging filters. It incorporates some logic circuitry to generate melodies and rhythms from the filters.

This thing is genius and generates some amazing and unique sounds.

He also has a couple of other systems that he does not demonstrate including a chaos generator. They’re called the Lorre Double Knot controllers and Ciat Lonbarde Sidrax and Tetrax based synthesisers !

Watch this creator in the future he’ll be making a lot of interesting things.

Interview by DivKid

ADDED: This product now has it’s own thread courtesy to GovernorSilver



Someone please hoof it over there and take some high quality footage. SonicState, you’re dropping the ball! Cater to MY needs!

I hope Oliver is having a great time at the event, I can tell in the photo from Soulsby that this latest version is using the new curved acrylic case. Can’t wait to see more.


Updates from Teenage Engineering for the OP-Z, also new individual modules for the Modular system, and the redesign on the stand alone sequencer, and a battery powered speaker done together with IKEA.

Gaz interviews Tobias Von Hofsten in this video on what’s happening:. Nice TE is so willing to talk about way out future stuff.


I wanna see video of someone introducing Expert Sleepers to Elektron:

Os, Ess.
Ess, Os.


Funny how this event is so highly anticipated well before it starts (rightfully so). Tons of predictions, hopes, then what seems like a few hours later it’s over! I’ve not taken the plunge into eurorack, but there are now even more compelling reasons to do so. I also have a few things to add to the wishlist.
Soma Pulsar 23
UDO Super 6
Digitone Keys
Novation Summit
Just keeps getting better :slight_smile:


Quite an unusual gadget! Funny how Gaz is really blown away by this :grinning:


Somehow I can see Blue man group use this in their performances


Oberheim 2 voice


MFB 8-Voice!


Go euro I have not regretted it one bit


Omg and I thought the Super 6 was going to be enough!!!

@Zifor my modules are still in the mail and I already haven’t regretted it one bit! I have a Mother 32 and lonely Roland 505 filter sitting here.

Oh no… MFB makes Eurorack modules… I had no idea…


Boooom. That MFB poly is an instabuy for me and will be in nice company with my beloved Dominion 1.

Really thinking of selling/swapping my Rytm mk1 for a Tanzbär 2 as well.


Rossum Electro-Music – Linnaeus

Rossum has been busy, in addition to the Panharmonium and the Trident that i listed earlier, there is also Linnaeus (points for spelling this right.)


Linnaeus is a stereo state-variable filter, with some very specific and unique characteristics. Best to go to the Rossum site for that:

I have not included a video with this because the only one i’ve seen out there is done with Dave Rossum and it is incredibly boring! Don’t watch it.