Superbooth 19


The teaser / official video wasn’t so good , i’m A bit suspicious about moving parts / reliability.
But it’s a unique box.


completely understand, also owned about 15 different drum machines, BUT:

i muss every single one of them :slight_smile:

only talking about hardware of course. strictly separated. don’t get me started on 60 GB of drum samples ITB :joy:


That Super 6 sounds great! Also thought the Korg Nubass sounds pretty good for a poor man’s 303. Any news on the Nanoloop Hardware yet?! That’s what I’m waiting for.



Nubass does sound interesting. Hoping for more than typical Korg 16 steps. Wonder why they do that? Even Minilogue XD is only 16 steps, afaik.


Sounds good, not in the market for a drum machine that size but if only I had the desk space.


Pulsar and super6 have my attention.


Same :slight_smile:


Yeah I was hoping to see some nanoloop showing up soon also… I mean I am already getting one, I’m just pumped to see some more of it live. Cool that they are adding midi sequencer support to it.


Lol where is the snare ahahhahahah


wish malekko had an update on mrD.
they’ve gone rather quiet on the subject of late


Really digging the idea of the dadamachines composer pro. Looks lovely.


The little guitar noodling I do also does not justify getting a keyboard like this :wink:


Gotta start practicing somewhere!



There’s a lot to unpack for this one. I’ve been watch this for a while. They make a modular kit based on the Raspberry Pi to allow you to build your own hardware, controllers, synths, and mixers. or combinations of these. In addition this all runs on Ethernet so it gives you a way to control a variety of gear across a network. (I don’t know if you could push this out to the internet, or if it’s restricted to a local network. Either is nice regardless.) They also have a display that sits on an iPad.

Motorized faders in a custom kit, what’s not to like.

I pushed the video ahead of the part about their drum synth – who needs more drums. (Joke -Look back at my series of posts – more drums, more drums, more drums.)


@Cepheid I all I have seen so far of nanoloop there, hope he is having a good time showing it off so far.


Im with you guys. Craving all day for some demos or just pics :frowning:


Interesting, the number of products being sold that are geared toward the “music-hacker”. Not a bad thing.

But, I do wonder about the sustainability. When we already have ecosystems like PD and SC, and R-PI, etc. What’s the justification of investing in a piece of hardware that really just runs these things?

Doesn’t anyone own a computer anymore?


interesting, im guessing its like Max MSP in a box and more accessible interface for hardware.


Just saw this. I’m patiently awaiting any news. I love the small size. I plan on getting a carrying case and bringing this to work to play with during down time. Btw, love your artwork style! Been checking out your website. What is that style called? It reminds me of Superjails art style.