Superbooth 19


Diva of course :slight_smile:
Xils Lab PolyKB
Valhalla FreqEcho


The Korg Nu:Tekt you mentioned re5et:

GovernorSilver mentioned it earlier without naming it.


Audio-in on that Korg Nu :star_struck:


And yes that Super 6 sounds awesome! It has that sound that I want my poly synths to sound like. It looks great as well. Love those chunky knobs and sliders. Reminds me of the brutes :slight_smile:
The Korg Nu:Bass also sounded surprisingly good to me.


sick, can’t wait.

wish it had quantizing, but it’s still amazin. think he said it can be sequenced by other machines so there’s that too.

wicked :+1:t3:


no, good sir. just no. nobody ever can have too many drum machines :slight_smile:


The Super 6 is the synth of my dreams.


Many many sample packs and rom sets
Own Rytm , tr8 , digitakt , er-1 (Sold drm , sr16 , r8 , machinedrum , lxr, volca kick ) lots of plugins , reaktor , iOS apps.
I have too much gear .


For those who can’t have enough drums; i saw this video from DivKid with Rabid Elephant about their custom drum sound generator called Portal Kick. It might be a product someday.


More Drums

Behringer RD-909


More Drums

MFB-301 Pro – reissue of a 40 year old product. Skip ahead to 3:15 in the video to hear samples.


What is that system they briefly showed off? I’ve been holding off getting into modular because I’ve been waiting for some interesting modules for stereo-sampling manipulation, but Make Noise has been releasing stuff that is just perfect for such a thing that I cannot ignore.


Damn that thing not only looks nuts, but sounds NUTS!


At the end of the video in addition to the Mimeophone, he mentions the X-Pan and …

The X-O ??? Can’t find anything on it so far. An inexpensive $110 6 hp module of some sort, i think it’s a signal output module.


you could generate an autechre album by throwing a cat on it.


I love how Vlad is completely numb by how wild this machine is.


Yeah that s one beautiful sounding synth. Though I m not enough of a player (and use too little melodic content) to justify a keyboard like that.


I don’t consider myself a keyboard player at all but I’ve played guitar for so long and used keyboards so much that I can get pretty melodic with them due to my coordination. There’s just something nice about having a decent sized keyboard, get the deep bass, mids and highs going, cover the whole spectrum more easily. Mmmm.

The Super 6 was immediately added to my dream list, no FX and it sounds absolutely stunning.

I just need the Super 6, MFB Dominion, Baloran The River, Novation Summit, and Moog Matriarch :slight_smile:

Now I know I hid that pile of cash around here somewhere…


And you could generate a cat by throwing an Autechre album on it!


Too lazy at this point to check if it’s posted already, but I love the wackiness of the spinning motors