Superbooth 19


This looks and sounds great, and I really like the design philosophy . I’m interested, not sure I’ll be able to stump up the £2k for one though…


I should not have watched that one - it’s very appealing!. Does anyone know what price it might be yet?


I’ve asked a friend who’s there to go and ask :smiley:


HA HA HA HA…i actually start to feel embarrassment watching that vid.


The ones where they’re out of sync with the music are worse
The actual video of someone using gear is probably quite dull though.


This one looks and sounds very special. Right up against the Prophet 6 and OB-6 it seems.


Gaz was right – “very special indeed!”


the udo sounds amazing. im curious about the price of the SB-1. looks so good i might ditch an og 101 for it…


Udo -priced about 2.2k

Sb1 - sound ok but I think it looks ugly.


Same as the Novation Summit (or close) the Summit is for sale on-line for $2000, full list is $2200 i think.

Always fun to compare to new synths at a similar price.


Probably the best release ive seen in a long time. Looks incredible and sounds to match. Yes this has a classic look and feel about it i agree.


Why? Colorsheme or something else? I think it looks ok, considering they are planning to do custom buttons ans slider - pot caps. It has potential to look great a think.


Damn that UDO sounds nice!!


Holy smokes Batman. This is impressive. Open source too :heart_eyes:

I’m gonna have to call the jelly school, my MPC is looking nervous…


That Lyra drum machine thing looks mad

Soma pulsar


It’s called the Mimeophone which they describe as a Stereo Multi-zone Colour Audio Repeater -OR- a “mimeograph for sound”.

Whatever it sounds wild and wierd.

Quite a ways beyond the relatively simple but nice X-Pan also new from MakeNoise.



@Jukka Make Noise is going to force me to sell organs for sure. I know a guy across the border, these fleshy internals will be gone in an instant if I can get some sweet Eurocrack.


Remembering what you said about the X-Pan i had actually typed in a warning to you, but decided not! I guess i should have.

MakeNoise makes nice stuff – but i’m with you – these last two are special.

There’s lot’s of non-musical uses for the Mimeophone – but with some practice it will be a wild music device too.


I bought mother32 and 0-coast as a foray into modular , I quickly found its not for me.
I’m more suited to crazy modulation in aum/iOS apps and making sample fodder that way.
And occasionally reaktor ensemble downloads and vcvrack
I have system1m and demora left which I need to sell at some point.

So far.
Nyx v2 - best space synth.
Soma pulsar - best mad box
UNO drum - seems fine , I have too many drum machines.
Super 6 - nice
Summit - meh , not for me
Squid - surprised by this though I don’t quite trust pioneer support
Korg Nubass- seems like nice 303
Korg Nutek- might be ok
Medusa v2 firmware - nice .
Digitone firmware - nice
Superlative 101 clone -sounded ok , looked ugly


Diva of course :slight_smile:
Xils Lab PolyKB
Valhalla FreqEcho