Superbooth 18

And why Not. I Wish them all success.


Sure, I would have the same attitude like you do about things that I don’t use or need in my studio.

Have a lovely day!

??? What?


I hope the new OS with Dual VCO drops during messe18… erm, I mean superbooth18, seems like elektron is not even attending musikmesse this year.


I hope they will show early stage ( :joy: ) of OB (2.0.0 or 1.20.0) as well …


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Musikmesse seems to have been pretty much replaced by Superbooth as the place to show electronic music products.


The guy makes awesome plugins. Definitely interesting.

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Genuinely looking forward to this years Superbooth. It’ll be my first one, and I’m helping at the Percussa booth, which as it happens is right next to the Elektron spot.

I’m looking forward to seeing a Continuum Fingerboard for the first time, and just meeting a ton of people that I admire and respect.

Going to be awesome!!!


Hey – I had a post cued up about looking forward to news on the Percussa SSP! So good you checked in. Here’s what i had:

  • Percussa SSP – The videos from last year sounded amazing, what is it now?

There will be an onstage presentation of Ton and Takt with Simon and Cenk… and a curator from a nifty YouTube channel. It’ll be sweet. :heart_eyes_cat:


Check out the kickstarter updates here:
Percussa SSP Kickstarter Updates

Bert & Celine have been crazy busy trying to get as much ready before superbooth as possible. Despite that, the prototype I have is pretty complete in it’s current functionality. (That is building up patches, and tweaking settings) There is just an unbelievable amount of details and work to do on such a complex and powerful module.

I’ll hopefully be getting some videos to Bert before Superbooth to help demonstrate this workflow and capability in the near future. In my testing and use of the module, I keep thinking: Massive modular system in a module that integrates and works with everything in the eurorack (specifically) and synth world. (PC, desktop synths, etc.)

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They wouldn’t promote OB further when there is nothing to show, would they?

… smells a shitstorm brewing …

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Very near the Elektron exhibit area, and near to Percussa as well, are the veteran synth makers Axel Hartmann and John Bowen who are in adjoining booths.

Hartmann most recently completed the “industrial design” of the Waldorf Quantum, and has his own synth designs as well. Bowen is currently known for his Solaris synth.

What are each showing now?
Is there a reason they are located next to each other at the show?

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To be announce at Superbooth – 4 (or more?) System 500 Eurorack Modules from Roland

505 Dual VCF
555 LAG / S&H (i think this means lag and hold – not sure)
531 Mix
510 Synth

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Hoping to hear (and see) new ideas and/or new progress from Future Artists ( They really impressed me previously with their MIDI Looper, a hardware sequencer that works like an audio looper, instead of traditional pattern sequencers that require setting tempo, meter, etc.

Now they’re working on something called their MIDI Platform, a modular MIDI-processing tool designed to integrate

  • control surface (buttons, knobs)
  • MIDI generator resources (arpeggio, looping, step sequencing, CC LFOs, etc)
  • other filtration/utility (zone split, clock divider, etc) for some kind of modular midi routing.
  • 2 pair MIDI DIN I/O
    …Note, the MIDI Platform image above is from a draft, and may not represent the full- or final product.

I had a brief Skype-chat with one of the F.A. guys, and he said he’s presently working on a “super powerful arpeggiator,” reminiscent of the Oberheim Cyclone, for his MIDI Platform.

Sounds exciting !


Just for you jaschar – Synthstrom Audible is releasing new Firmware for the Deluge, that is said to make some significant improvements.


I’m not acquainted with such events and am wondering, whether some exhibitors may be selling their products right there in the venue?

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I asked the synthstrom guy whether it’s possible to buy a deluge directly and he replied it’s sadly not possible. I hoped I could avoid taxes and import a little bit but sadly not.

On a side note: the prices for the deluge on their homepage for order stepped up a bit.

Edit: for the record: I haven’t been to such a fair once in my life. So maybe it’s possible.

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