Super fast Ableton Template Frank Wiedemann, Sebastian Mullaert, Stimming & Deadmau5 learnings

long time visitor of the Forum when I was stuck and now wanting to give something back.

I am wondering if anyone would be interested in an Ableton Live template that shows the workflow that I have put together after joining the masterclasses of:

  • Frank Wiedemann
  • Sebastian Mullaert
  • DeadMau5
  • Einmusik
  • Stimming

and a few others. If there is interest, I would take the time to prepare it. I use a lot of Elektron Instruments, but in all fairness, they are not neccesary for this workflow, they just make life (a lot more) fun :slight_smile:

Using this template, I can now create a sketch of a track that sounds floor ready in 1 hour, or less. I have basically taken the best learnings from those masterclasses and added my sound engineer experience and some samples so the starting point sounds great when referencing with commercially succesful tracks. Since using this workflow I am releasing a track every week. (They’re up on my

The template uses a structure that is powerful for live sound manipulation and is easy to manage on stage with a controller. There’s also settings in there to make sure the main elements of a track always sound good, loud and ‘floor ready’. And most importanly, it is much more fun to produce with. I found that once you have a starting point, it is easy to add new kicks, basses etc and know when they sound right.

I want to share this workflow, because up until recently I was frustrated making tracks in a very time consuming way, which felt like work and was uninspiring. It was hard to find the time next to my family and full time job, which meant I would get up at 5:00 to spend a few hours in the studio everyday before work.

I have been making music for close to 20 years and my 15 minutes of fame are playing my live set at Fusion and a 1 hour mix of my down-tempo tracks hitting 4.7 mio. views on youtube. I am a trained sound engineer and worked professionally as a DJ, musician and sound engineer. These days I work as an IT consultant but still release music regularly.

Let me know what you think. My main aim is for (beginner) producers to spend less time on technical details and still get great sounding masters, and have more fun while producing.

I would put the pack on Gumroad for 1 USD, as free products can only be 250 Mb in size. This won’t be enough for the video explaining how the template works. (If you’re too young to pay online hit me up and I’ll send it to you for free, just hoping not to have to do too much manual work.)


Very interested!! Sounds great and i’m keen on learning. I fit your target group as most of my music time is split between creative processes and learning via youtube

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This sounds awesome. While I have my own template, I’m always willing to learn from people that are far more successful than me.

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Thanks m0ld but success is very relative :wink: Do not consider myself a particularly “succesful” musician, but I do love it!


I feel your pain, the amount of hours of YouTube and Masterclasses I consumed to get to this point remains shocking…


Very cool and happy to throw you a few bucks to learn your stuff

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Very kind of you and very much interested.

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Great Idea! I love to see other workflows and visions

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Sounds interesting! Been using Ableton quite a bit recently, and definitely found templates to ba an advantage in other areas e.g. octatrack.

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Very interested. Your stuff sounds great and my Ableton workflow could use a refresh. kinda interested in moving back to hybrid or daw based livesets (blasphemy i know!). Also dream of playing live at fusion one day…

Hi from berlin:)

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Thanks! Really encouraging to see so much interest here… Wasn’t sure as a template is kind of a personal thing, but the difference this workflow has made for how much fun I have in the studio and how much faster I get results made me think probably others could use it.
I started working on cleaning the template this morning. (Waiting on Ableton to send me a license unlock for Ableton Live 9 so it can be backwards compatible.)


Hey Erik
I‘d be very much interested in the video (for setting up a template in a different DAW).
Thanks in advance!!!

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Cool thx for the feedback. Yeah once you’ve seen it it s really easy to do something similar in other DAWs

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Could you describe some of the elements in the setup ? Ie. used chains ?
I.e consistent input matching - besides compressor /limiter - what is the special sauce?

Here s a start…

  • A fixed gain structure for each element, controlled by limiters.
  • A target loudness and frequency spectrum to hit in each sketch of a track
  • Recording the final sequence by controlling the session in real time and going with the flow
  • Recording the elements you want to use in your track as audio during composition (including FX) so they can playback in a channel without any inserts or sends on the project
  • Powerful effects on the master bus with which you can change the vibe of the audio that s playing with just a few knobs (and resample that!)

Hey Erik, sounds great, I’m interested too!

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I’d love this template if you’re willing to provide the files

Sign me up.

Tnx for sharing the knowledge.

Appreciated !

Good morning,
I ve been putting together the template this week and recorded the video last night! Just a few details left to do and will upload this weekend! Really curious what you guys/girls think of it :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds amazing. Is it gonna require suite or standard? Will we need any plugins besides stock? Looking forward to the video :blush:

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