Suggestions for musical presets for A4?

Hello all,

I just recently picked up an Analog Four MkI with the plans to use it more as an external poly analog module than anything else. However, the presets that I have seem to be more sound fx based or dubstep or glitch style or whatever you’d like to call it. I’m looking for more traditional analog style synthesizer sounds. I love the character of the oscillators/filters and it really sounds different than anything else in my collection. Can any one suggest some bank/banks out there that cater more to leads and basses and pads and not sfx type sounds? I originally had the same issue with the Dave Smith Evolver, but found a few nice musical preset banks out there, and am quite happy with the unit now too. :slight_smile:


My favorite A4 soundpacks are Codex(costs $ from the Elektron site) and Biopads 1(free) great emotive presets in there.

But there’s a whole bunch of free packs on the Elektron site- try now! Risk free!


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avantronica, I’m not suggesting that it can or cannot do musical presets. I’m asking what sound packs actually have more predominately musical presets that people could suggest? Are there any? Pay or free, I’m looking for some because that’s what I’d like to use the A4 for. Leads, basses, pads, just some good classic type of presets with the Elektron flavor. So many focus on glitch/efx. I have zero interest in those sounds, and in fact, they are my least favorite category of sounds.


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I love the 1991 pack for poly, but then again I grew up loving afx. The sounds have a quirkiness to them which may not be for everyone, but good sounds nonetheless.

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Thats a good one. Or try to create them yourself. Those Vintage Sounds are rather simple. In Case of Juno Sounds e.g. you even only need one OSC.