Suggestions for a synth



Recently decided to change my setup, make it more OTB like. Sold everything I had apart from my Minilogue and bought a Digitakt. I feel I am missing an important element though, a piece of equipment that would be the main source for my sounds and started looking for a do-it-all synth. Now, I am guessing some of you already cringed as there is no synth that does it all. But I was never a synth/piano player so “all” for me would be very basic stuff for others.

I started looking at some synths but I was baffled with all the choices (analogue, digital, rom players, what not) and the prices to be honest. Therefore, I thought of asking more experienced synth users what they would suggest getting to upgrade my compositions.

A few considerations before you make your suggestions:

My music is ambient, downtempo, with lots of symphonic stuff and melodies and I have a preference for “organic”, rich sounds, you know, with life in them.
I like tweaking a lot and adjusting presets to my liking (not so experienced with sound design from scratch).
I have a budget of about 500€ OR I can sell my Minilogue and reach 900€ if my new synth will be able to reproduce those sounds and will be as fun to play with.

Thanks for your time.


I love my Digitone, not a sound design guy either so was pleasantly surprised with the included presets and a few sound packs.


A4 or AK +digitakt is rad
4 mono synths
4 voice polyphony
Effects unit w/p-locks
Going for pretty cheap now.
There is an AK near me going for $650
Pretty crazy


Get a Digitone.
It’s great for tweaking, sits well with the Digitakt and plays nice in a mix with analogue stuff.


The Minilogue is a 4-voice polyphonic synth…do you use this polyphony / are you looking to keep that functionlity?


Honestly - I cannot recommend the swiss army knife of synths if you must have one.

Get a used Virus Ti2 for c. EUR 800-900 with or without a keyboard). KBis a cpl hundred more expensive although with a keyboard is much faster so you can play the arpeggiator and chords (unless you have a midi keyboard).

Does not have an onboard sequencer ala Elektron gear but 16 part multi timbral which is super super super useful, has nice effects… and the total integration with DAWs rocks - similar to overbridge.

Its the desert island utility synth… Mega mega powerful and great bang for your buck even if “digital”.


Yes please :slightly_smiling_face: as I use a lot of pads. But your question puts me into thoughts (which is why I asked for suggestions in the first place), if I would sacrifice polyphony for a more versatile and better sounding synth. :thinking:


+1 for digitone
It has a lot of potential for creating soundscapes. there are even more opportunities for layering, experimenting, etc. when using with a sampler like DT. It’s also nice to pattern sync DT and DN.

Rich analog sound, spacey reverb but no presets and necessity to skulpt the sound

  • dread box nyx


I might be biased because I just got one but an Ambika would fit the bill. You can sometimes find them really cheap (I got one for $300!)


Wow that’s the deal of a lifetime.


For ambient pads I would always recommend a polysynth with at least 8 voices, better more.

I would check out and compere the following synths:

  • The Peak is a modern polyphonic and very versatile synth
  • The Virus TI is extremly versatile, mighty, and even multitimbral. I love to have all the different sound creation algorithms, which are “classic”, “wavetable”, “supersaw”, “granular”, “formant”
  • the Blofeld is a very versatile polyphonic synth, just count all the modulation options of its mod-matrix. Particularly for ambient pads modulation is a key feature. It’s not very expensive too.
  • Prophet-6 or Oberheim-6 would also be fine candidates … well 6 voices “only”, not as versatile as the others, but great classic sounds


Hello, I got the same questions and I found a very satisfying solution.
I have a DT, and I wanted something to do pads and melodie (I also make downtempo ambient).
I found a Clavia Nord Rack 2X for 400€. It have a beautiful analog sound with 20 voices and 4 analog output and all the advantage of a digital synth with full midi and powerful sound design. Also this is a 1 knob 1 function synth.
You can make a very good chords from the DT to the NR2X.
I use a Yamaha SPX2000 (300-500€) for the FX because there is no FX on the NR2X
Here are 2 tracks I made with the DT + NR2X + SPX2000 :
no mastering, just recorded from the inputs of DT.


Yeah it was a music shop. I think they thought it was a shruthi! I didn’t ask too many questions though :slight_smile:


Blofeld for sure. It’s 16 parts multi timbral. Lots of options are possible. Small package too


My currently setup ist a dt + dn + 0-coast + keystep

now my good old circuit got a flash problem so i have a warranty credit note. first a thougt to buy another circuit. i like it very much but since i got the dt + dn, i doesnt used the circuit anymore.

so, know i am thinking what i can do best with the credit.

i am thinking about an used analog four to pair with my gear. or i am considering about an deepmind 12 desktop or an minilouge xd desktop.

what do you think? or buying an good reverb for soundsculpting (ventris dual reverb)?


I think 1 synth is enough, then add many different FX to improve or change the sound. A good reverb, delay, pitch shifter, modulator, filter, distortion, warming, bit crusher… You can make all sound you want with FXs.


thanks for the tip
nice tracks btw


yes for sure you are right. perhaps its a little GAS thats cause the never ending search.

there is so many amazing gear out there. first thought only about an used analog four mk1. i will spend the money for a while and considering well.


+1 for Digitone.

Coincidently…i just right now have one Up for sale…


Now, I’m tempted to ask why you are selling it.

As for your offer, thank you! Unfortunately, I have the option to buy it cheaper almost unused.