Suggestion for multi-timbral box to pair with M:S

I feel your pain re sample management. I dream of the day there’s an iOS version of the Transfer app. I also know what you mean about creating your own sounds - I started with the m:s and quickly found I wanted to get into more sound generation than the m:s could offer.

So I got the digitone (and the digitakt… and re-bought an m:s in the end, but that’s by-the-by) - you get the elektron sequencer you’re already familiar with, and a vaaaast synthesis engine, 8 voice poly, multitimbral. Means you can run drums on one track and still have 3 tracks to play around with.

I dunno your budget but it’ll probably end up cheaper than eurorack :grin:

And might as well keep your m:s too - resale isn’t that high and with a bit of time using other synths you might see the value of its immediacy.

The Novation Circuit is multitimbral where ‘multi’ = 2. It’s basically got two Nova synths onboard, on separate MIDI channels. They’re fully programmable via an official desktop app.

I have a Waldorf Blofeld that can apparently do 16 sounds at once, though I’ve only tried two.

Or for $300 you could get three used Volcas, like Keys + FM + NuBass…

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